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Laura Keeble

Laura Keeble Laura Keeble

British artist Laura Keeble uses interventionist and subversive strategies to create pauses in perception and question societal norms. As a student, Keeble began to install and document uncommissioned interventions in public and corporate-owned spaces, quickly gaining notoriety for her anti-establishment installation of ‘Queen Victoria's Hands’. In 2007 Keeble continued her site-specific practice with a parody of Damien Hirst's work ‘For The Love Of God’ in which she created a replica of this artwork using a plastic medical model skull with 6522 Swarovski crystals, and left discarded with a pile of rubbish bags outside the White Cube gallery the day after Hirsts' exhibition 'Beyond Belief' had closed and it was then exhibited in Lazerides Gallery. Keeble has since exhibited her unique work in high profile London galleries including Andipa Gallery with Jose Parla, Swoon and Slinkachu.  



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