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Lucy McLauchlan

Lucy McLauchlan

Lucy Mclauchlan is a contemporary artist from Birmingham, England. She is part of the "Beat 13!" collective. Lucy combines art deco, psychedelic and childlike motifs to make pieces that are delicate and tender yet engaging and provocative. With Rain People, a hanging structure made from multiple painted wooden elements, she recently branched into sculpture, effortlessly occupying the topical territory between installation and interior design. Her work has appeared in magazines including Hidden Tracks, Hand to Eye, Creative Review, Graphic International, DPM, Graphic Britain, IdN magazine, Modart, Relax and Plus81. In 2001, she and Beat 13! had an exhibition at the Horse Hospital arts venue in central London. Her first solo London show, Expressive Deviant Phonology, ran from December 2007-January 2008, at LAZ.inc in Soho. Lucy has exhibited all over the world, from London's Victoria and Albert Museum to the Eclectic Gallery in London and Tokyo.



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