On The Streets 5.04.12

Kelly Griffin | Thursday, April 05, 2012

From Milan to East London, to the G40 Summit in Richmond, Virginia and Paris, we're bringing you the creme de la creme of new urban art on the streets.

Let's kick it off with David Shillinglaw brightly coloured and geometric mural in Paris, via



Phlegm above spotted in East London, via

French street artist JR and US collective Cyrcle collaborate in Paris, via


Elbow Toe , via

Aryz at the G40 Summit, via

Italian artist Pixel Pancho also at the G40 Summit

Anthony Lister in Milan, via

Swoon, via

Stickman, via

Nychos, via


And lastly... Jaz, also at the G40 Summit, via

For more of the best new street art, see last week's On The Streets

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