Traversing the boundaries of Fine Art, Illustration, and Graffiti, Young revels in his inability to be pigeonholed. Finding inspiration in the work of both Classical and Contemporary Art masters, as well as various cannons of popular culture, his finely detailed pointillist style portraits are a trademark of his studio work. Rendered predominantly in spray paint, Young’s primary medium of choice points to years of dedication to bombing the streets as a writer – an endeavor committed to alongside years of formal art training. Keeping separate his Graffiti and Fine Art guises, Alex Young, the artist, draws upon the similarly rich dichotomy’s evident in other pseudonymous individuals. His subjects include a burlesque dancer, S&M model, and heavy metal guitarist to name but three, whose alternate identities are all revealed through the fine illustrative detail and multi-layered symbolism evident, on closer inspection, within his monolithic portraits. Essentially, Young is reaffirming the age-old adage that one shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover; in turn condemning the widespread societal prejudice exhibited when confronted by these individuals. A graduate of Kent Institute, and recognized as one of the UK’s top 60 most talented University leavers by Creative Review magazine in 2002, Young resided in Brighton for seven years, working predominantly as a freelance illustrator, before relocating to South London in early 2010, where he currently lives and works