The pioneer of the UK graffiti scene post millennium, Banksy was the first UK graffiti artist to successfully straddle the divide between street and fine art. Having initially built his reputation on a series of high profile public stunts, such as installing his own painting into the Tate Museum, Banksy has become a worldwide phenomenon of graffiti art and the leader of the street art movement. Originally from the UK, his identity has remained anonymous at all times and does not operate through the conventional gallery system, having no formal representation.

All Banksy works sold through Hang-Up come with a COA. See our Banksy Guide and Banksy Editions Guide for more information.


Hang-Up Collections Volume I

Hang-Up Collections

16 Aug - 29 Nov 2014



11 Dec 2015 - 31 Jan 2016

Urban Elements

Group Show

9 Feb - 11 Mar 2013

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