K-Guy has bombarded the urban art scene with his incisive observations and visual comments about life in 21st century.

He often uses discarded trash and found objects as the basis or medium for his work or degrades his imagery on purpose to add depth and texture.

He has added a fresh slant with his thought provoking street installations which have attracted worldwide media coverage, more notably f...or The Boom Economy Shrine erected outside The Bank Of England at the start of the global down turn.

His collaboration with The Prodigy on a limited edition print was an instant sell out, quickly followed by the massive success of Coke Moss. More recently his engaging installation 'No Blood On Your Hands' was selected by an independent jury for the 'No Holds Barred' special project at Art Amsterdam 2010.

K-Guy keeps going from strength to strength and goes international later this year with shows in Sydney and New York.