Long obsessed with the darker motivators of western civilization, i.e. Sex, war, drugs and celebrity, TRXTR rips ‘loaded’ images from the public domain and layers and remixes them with his own extensive photographic image bank. His recent artwork now displays a distinctive style that fuses layer upon layer of digital collage both found and personal These works are then hand-finished using more traditional methods on archival canvas.TRXTR’s work lies somewhere impossibly between photography and painting with the controversial social concerns of an urban artist with pieces such as ‘Fatima's Finger’ and ‘24 Hour Love’ and the sensibility of a contemporary painter in ’Vishnu Vapours’ and ‘Video Voyeur’.After his recent major repeated successes at the Bonhams and Dreweatts contemporary art auctions and the subsequent sell-out solo shows at Red Propeller and Signal galleries TRXTR has further honed his technique and continues to deliver brilliant and challenging collections of unique canvases and collages.