On The Streets 27-02-12

Here's this week's round-up of the best new art on the streets...

Nosbe via Juxtapoz

Os Gemeos, via Wooster Collective

How and Nosm, via Brooklyn Street Art


How and Nosm, again Brooklyn Street Art

Ufo, via Juxtapoz

Vhils, via Juxtapoz

JR, via Arrested Motion

Escif, via Juxtapoz

C215, via Juxtapoz

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On The Streets 26-01-12

Filtering the best new street art for your visual pleasure...


Ador and Kyro by Thias, via Vandalog


David Choe and DVS-1 via juxtapose


Ben Eine, above and below, via Arrested Motion

En Masse, via Brooklyn Street Art

Vinz, via Brooklyn Street

Laurence Billet above, via vandalog, obviously taking a stab at Damien Hirst's famous spot paintings.

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On The Streets

Happy New Year Hang-Up Urban friends!

Let's kick-start 2012 with a sublime round-up of our favourite new street art from around the world.

Here's what's made the cut this week...

Mesa in Spain, via Unurth

Dain here, via Vandalog. You can view more of Dain's work here.

Stik spotted in East London  by Street Art News

We just love ericalane's adorable creatures. This is an epic mural, via Juxtapoz, you can also view some of ericalane's prints here.

Nunca above, also via Juxtapoz.

and lastly...

This little UFO, very cleverly positioned.

See Banksy's latest street art

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Stay tuned for next week's 'On The Streets' street art round-up!


3D Joe and Max Set The Record


London based street artists 3D Joe and Max made headlines last week by creating the biggest ever 3D painting as measured by the Guinness World Records.

Made in conjunction with Reebok to promote their new CrossFit fitness program, the optical illusion installation in West India Quays Canary Wharf measured 1,160.4 metres square, was an epic 106.5m long and took seven days to complete.

The pair beat the record set by China's Qi Xinghau, and told The Mirror "As a London-based artist it is really special to create this artwork in the heart of the city and also to be able to bring the world records for 3D art back home to Britain where 3D art first started."

If you missed the installation, which was taken down on November 18, you can check it out below and see more of their work here.


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