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Barry Reigate

Barry Reigate Barry Reigate

Barry Reigate’s riotous canvases are pop porn at its best. Envisioning a Russ Meyers-like heaven, Reigate’s paintings disseminate a hilarious bachelor night bravado, where disembodied breasts, party favourites, and cartoon ephemera become the objects of satiation for fumbling, letchy Mickey Mouse hands. Presenting the macho fetishism of painting with a humorous twist, Reigate embraces the abjection of Philip Guston, George Condo, and Sean Landers; his debased subject providing a critical allegory for art historical attitudes as well as current cultural zeitgeist. Equating the act of painting itself to a certain depravity, Reigate revels in executing squiggly brush marks, phallic smears, and generously indulgent highlights, ensuring the viewer knows every inch of his canvas has been thoroughly man-handled.



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