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Crail Moansburg

Crail Moansburg Crail Moansburg

Edith Piaf’s ‘La Vie en Rose’ drifted from the radio on the cool cloudy evening of November 7th 1953 from a small apartment in Arnhem, Holland as Crail Moansburg arrived in this world, his breech birth a possible nod to an unorthodox future. This somewhat final stage to a relationship that had started seven years previously due to a chance meeting between an American GI Father and a Dutch-Italian Mother on the set of ‘Theirs is the Glory’. Unfortunately Crail’s Father, hailed as a hero during the Great Flood of February 1953, promptly disappeared to California on hearing of his impending fatherhood.... Crail’s first tentative steps in the art world were in his 1972 enrolment at the Royal Art Academy in Arnhem, where, as a fresh faced 18 year old, despite a voracious appetite for learning the technique of art, his lack of focus combined with an emotional instability leads to his hasty departure just 12 months later. Moansburg’s first incarnation of a screenprint studio, hidden within a military bunker in The Hague, opened late in 2001. Financed by Crail’s part time kitchen work, the first few years took their toll on Crail, both emotionally and financially. But pretty soon the genie was out of the bottle and within a couple of years, Crail had given up the vegetable peeling, moving to bigger and better things at his new studio at the Karl Marx Factory, where to this day, he and his merry team of helpers and misfits are shaping Crail’s somewhat singular vision of the world and it’s inhabitants.




11 Dec – 31 Jan 2016



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