David de la Mano

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David de la Mano


With legions of his shadowy figures appearing everywhere from Paris to Uruguay, painter and sculptor De La Mano has adorned the world's streets with monochromatic, outsized murals exploring the relationships that humans have with each other, as well as their wider environment. His smaller scale pieces on canvas and paper tackle the same topical themes in miniature form, sometimes adding coffee stains in an echo of aged found objects.



Did you know?

They might be scattered across the world, but de la Mano's works are linked by recurring characters, including bird-men and women with limbs made of roots.

Country of Birth


Auction Record


Artcurial, 'Untitled', 2018

Notable Exhibitions

Intemperie, Galerie Itinerrance, Paris, FR, 2021

Adrift, Hang-Up Gallery, London, UK, 2018

Latitude, Wunderkammer, Milan, IT, 2016

The Power of Paint, Vertical Gallery, Chicago, US, 2015

Exhibitions by David de la Mano

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