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Richard Hambleton

Richard Hambleton Richard Hambleton

    In the ’80s, Hambleton’s became known as The Shadowman for the dark, spooky silhouettes he would secretly paint on the sides of Manhattan buildings, in alleyways and backstreets. After those initial years working on the streets Hambleton moved to making gallery works.He was the first street artist to be embraced by the established New York gallery scene, with Keith Haring and Basquiat following in his wake. Over the 80’s he exhibited widely in the USA, Germany, Holland, Spain and even had his works shown at the Museum of Modern Art and the Venice Biennale. Struggling with drug addiction, he disappeared from the New York scene until 2007-2009, when he made a spectacular return with a series of solo shows. Often cited as a precursor to the conceptual approaches of contemporary street artists like Banksy and French muralists JR and Blek le Rat, Hambleton groundbreaking work has been rediscovered in recent years and gained a great, new success in the art world.    



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