Russell Young



Russell Young


Responsible for the sleeve cover of George Michael’s ‘Faith’ album, Young has long been obsessed with fame, originally moving from North Yorkshire to London in order to photograph bands in concert, before graduating on to collaborations with Diana Ross, Michael Jackson and Bjork. Ironically, celebrities now clamour for his outsized silkscreen prints of famous faces: Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian and Barack Obama have all bought works. More recently, Young has also explored ideas relating to the natural world, with delicate, abstract florals floating across oil paintings.


Did you know?

Young is heavily influenced by Andy Warhol, even owning his printing press.

Country of Birth


Auction Record


Dorotheum, Vienna, 'Contemporary Marilyn Crying (Double)', 2016

Notable Collections

Bob Dylan's private collection

Bruce Springsteen's private collection

Halycon Gallery, London, UK

Notable Exhibitions

Goss-Michael Foundation in Dallas, 2012

Modern Art Museum, Shanghai, 2018

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