After six incredible years as Hang-Up's manager, Carla is leaving us. As sad as we are to see her go, we are excited for her future endeavours and grateful for the last six years. As we say our final goodbyes, we ask Carla some questions and look back at all the memories we have shared. We could go on and on but without further ado, here's... 


5 Questions With | Carla Nizzola


HU: This is a cliche question but what has been the best thing about working at Hang-Up Gallery for you over the last six years?


CN: Without a doubt the incredible relationships and long lasting friendships I’ve formed with the artists, clients, and most of all – the Hang-Up crew. You guys are just exceptional.

The Hang-Up Crew at the private view of Nina Saunders' 'Tea with Andy' 

Carla, Ben and Laura with Johnathan Reiner after the opening of his show 'Femme Fatale'  

HU: And what will you miss most about working at Hang-Up?


CN: Eeeek that’s hard. A whole load of things. Hang-Up has something so special and unique, and I really think (gush) that it’s down to the team and the straight-up honesty, passion and drive that exudes from it. So yeah – the team!The Hang-Up Crew dressed as Banksy artworks ahead of our Christmas party 


Carla and Charlotte  

Amalia, Laura, Charlotte and Carla with Hang-Up artist Nina Saunders 

HU: What’s one lesson you learned from working at Hang-Up?


CN: I’ve learnt many lessons. To not be afraid of pushing the boundaries (as cheesy as that sounds), to be creative and experiment, to trust your gut, to believe in yourself and your decisions - and to not take any shit. The Hang-Up Crew with artists and friends at the private view of Tim Fishlock's 'INTROVERSION IMMERSION' 


HU: There has been countless ‘interesting’ people through the gallery doors in Dalston, can you name one of the most bizarre situations that have occurred as a result?


CN: Hmmm… As you know we’ve had plenty of bizarre occurrences! We used to have this super eccentric local lady who called me ‘Blondie’ that visited on a daily basis and gave me presents like opened juice boxes, half eaten custard creams, pharmacy pamphlets and some old salt and pepper shakers that she said she’d bought me from Harrods…then she’d leave the gallery and pretty much moonwalk down the street. What happened to her? I miss her.

Party people - the Hang-Up Crew with artists Magnus Gjoen, Joe Webb, Mark Powell, Mike Snelle and Nina Saunders

HU: The team at Hang-Up are always fond of a night out, which ones stick out as favourites?


CN: Pretty much every exhibition we’ve had leads to one big party. I’ll never forget watching Darryl McDaniels from RUN DMC perform in the bunker and, ahem, sing me happy birthday. That moment, for me, goes down in history. Our tenth anniversary exhibition Hang-Ten is definitely up there with one of the favourites. Then there’s all the birthdays, Christmas parties and staff outings that end up back at the gallery dancing to hip hop until the early hours. I’ve had the most tremendous hangovers thanks to Hang-Up. You guys know how to party.

Carla with DMC's Darryl McDaniels at the private view of 'The Art of DMC'

Carla with Charlotte and Laura

And since this is a special one, one extra bonus question... 
HU: Who’s your favourite Hang-Up artist? Just kidding!... But seriously.


CN: Easy. Mike Snelle from The Connor Brothers… ;)

Carla and The Connor Brothers' Mike Snelle and James Golding at Hang-Ten   


Carla's photobook documenting 6 years at Hang-Up

And there you have it. A new chapter begins. We can't wait to see the amazing new things Carla will go on to do. Keep an eye out. 

Be right back, crying...


A final goodbye - Ben and Carla 


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