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The 251st Edition of the Royal Academy's famous Summer Exhibition has just opened. To many people's surprise Banksy is once again part of the show.Keep Ou on the right of one of The RA's Summer Exhibition rooms. Photo: David Parry/ Royal Academy of Arts. 

The anonymous artist, who was most recently active in Venice during the Biennale at the beginning of the month, submitted a work entitled 'KEEP OU'. The installation piece features an EU arrivals gate, which has been shuttered and padlocked. Its shutters have been spray-painted with the message 'KEEP OUT', although the T has been taken away by a rat, and is being used as a hammer to break the padlock. Keep Ou - Banksy's submission to this year's Summer Exhibition. Photo: David Parry/ Royal Academy of Arts. 

According to the Royal Academy the customs arch used for the piece is real and was salvaged from London's Heathrow Airport. 

The piece is a clear comment on Brexit, a topic the artist has not shied away from. Banksy has addressed Brexit in his recent artworks many times, criticising the UK's decision to leave the EU. 

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In fact, Banksy's submission to last year's RA Summer Exhibition was also very much related to the topic. His 2018 submission was a reworked UKIP 'Vote to Leave' placard, featuring a bandaged heart-shaped ballon which made the sign read 'Vote to Love'.  Vote to Love in the 250th Edition Summer Exhibition. Photo: Daniel Leal-Olivas/ Getty Images. 

The artist later revealed on his instagram that an early version of his 2018 piece had been submitted and refused under the name Bryan S. Gaakman (an anagram of ‘Banksy anagram’!) Allegedly, the work was only accepted after Grayson Perry, who curated last year's show, got in contact with Banksy's team requesting he submit a work. That piece was priced at £350m, referencing the Vote Leave campaign's claim of how much being part of the EU cost the UK per week.
Banksy - Love Rat (AP DN) - Signed

The 251st edition of the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition is open from June 10th, running until August 12, so make sure to visit. In the meantime you can browse our selection of available Banksy works by clicking here. Thanks for reading this week's blog and as always, don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

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