Has Banksy Just Struck in London?

Early Friday morning news broke about a potential Banksy spotted in London. The mural, in the street artist's characteristic stencil style, depicted a child holding an Extinction Rebellion sign whilst crouching near what appears to be a freshly planted small plant and shovel. It read: 'FROM THIS MOMENT DESPAIR ENDS AND TACTICS BEGIN'.

The mural, suspected to be a Banksy by most, in Marble Arch  

Extinction Rebellion

The street piece appeared at the end of 10 days of climate change protests by Extinction Rebellion in London's Marble Arch where a lot of the protests took place. The timing and setting of the piece combined with its image and text seem to be a clear sign of the artist backing the protest and giving an optimistic message of unity.

The environmentalist group blocked traffic in Oxford Circus with the above pink boat. Image credit: TOLGA AKMEN/AFP/Getty Images

Image Credit: Getty Images via independent.co.uk 

An image from Extinction Rebellion's closing ceremony via Getty images

As is to be expected the piece caused some frenzy with many Londoners visiting and photographing it. The mural will be covered in Plexiglass for protection, although it is yet to be confirmed by the famed artists as of this moment.

Let's see how the story unfolds...

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