Darryl DMC McDaniels Performs Live DMC Set in Hang-Up's Gallery Bunker

Watch the crowd go wild at the secret DMC gig performed by Run-DMC's Darryl DMC McDaniels and Charlie Chan Soprano at Hang-Up Gallery.

Those who were lucky to enjoy the secret DMC gig in the Hang-Up Gallery Bunker on Sat 10 June, were delighted with a stellar performance by the one and only 'Devastating Mic Controller' - Darryl DMC McDaniels.  

DMC lived up to his legendary status, rocking the mic with freestyle rhythm and rhyme, mixing amongst the crowd, sharing the microphone with his fans - and don't forget his incredible performance of the all-time classics such as Tricky, Walk This Way and It's Like That....

What a night. For those who could join us, here's a little something to reminisce about. For those who couldn't, here's a glimpse of how the night unfolded!


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   Photo by Chuck Noble


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 Photo by Chuck Noble

Oh what a night.

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