David White's exquisite ' Apex Diamond Dust' was on our window display for a week and quickly found its new permanent home. The print was in fact, the last from the edition, now completely sold out.  The story of 'Apex' is quite intriguing. In the artist's words: 'The Apex series of sharks was something I wanted to explore for a while; I find all Apex predators incredible and fascinating. There is a fragility and rarity about Great White sharks, very few people get to see them and their power and evolutionary design is perfect for their existence. As always with my work, the movement and dynamism is something that I explore through the media I use, which offers an almost animated quality. I wanted to capture their menace and presence, battle scarred but beautiful. The first print from the Apex series uses Diamond Dust background which offers an illusionary quality but also symbolises their scarcity.'


We also had David Scheinmann's  Elvis/Marilyn and Elvis/Playboyin the building for a bit. 'With the Elvis series, explains Scheinmann, I decided that since Elvis was in the top 10 of my American Popular Culture Icons what it would be like to mash up the other 9 with him. In these two pieces at Hang Up Marilyn and Playboy are the two icons I played around with. At this point the meaning of taking pictures changes as I begin to both take (or appropriate) pictures that are out there as well as taking snapshots from my own memory banks as well as, I suspect, many other peoples memories too'.


And yes, we felt that everyone needs a Futurain the window, so we had the blue Helix Object on. 

Throughout those 15 weeks, the viewers had the opportunity to see some rare and long gone editions and works as well as selected new works, from the likes of Sir Peter Blake, Stanley Donwood. Eddie Peake, Connor Brothers, ESPO, Andrew McAttee, etc.


But the beginning was challenging... So much dynamic, fresh work that needed to be hung and displayed. We figured it out though...

Curatorial hesitations in the bunker downstairs...  

An overview of the works on view over different weeks. 

One fine, mighty wall, featuring pieces by Faith47, Faile, Shepard Fairey, Ben Eine, Mark Powell.

And some Mau Mau, Nick Walkerand more Eine.

Like every good thing, the Collections came to an end, but we do promise, there will be a Volume II, mightier, fresher and better. All in 2015, so keep your eyes peeled!


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