The Unique Art of Giles Walker

“Giles Walker is a master sculptor and a genius” - Ken Russell, The Times 

You may have heard of Giles Walker through his 'The Last Supper' installation, which toured the world and was exhibited at London's Science Museum, or his pole-dancing robots, which caused a stir in Las Vegas. An artist, not quite like any other, he has been creating sculpture for 27 years. Using scrap industrial  materials he creates kinetic sculptures which apart from superb skill and creativity, show a great sense of social understanding. In an era of rapid technological advancement and increased surveillance his work is extremely relevant, addressing our complicated relationship with machines.

'Go On Son. Do It for Your Mum' exhibited in our Autumn Edition of Hang-Up Collections


Giles is currently crowdfunding for his most ambitious project to date, think 'The Last Supper' but bigger and better. An immersive, interactive installation incorporating mechanics, sound and light to create an experience for the viewer.

By financially contributing to the project, funders will not only allow MONSTER to take place and be free to all but will also receive an array of amazing perks and rewards.

More on that from Giles himself:




Help Giles Create MONSTER

As firm believers in Giles' incredible talent and ability to take on unique, challenging projects, we want to help him raise the funds he needs to put on this incredible show.

How to:

  • Visit Giles' Indiegogo page. There's information on the project, its challenges, a breakdown of how funds will be used, the list of different rewards/perks offered to donors and more. 
  • Click on 'Back It' & you then have two choices.
  • Either 'Make a Contribution' without reward by typing in the amount you'd like to fund MONSTER with and 'continue'. 
  • Or select a 'Perk' from the list. Each perk is a different 'price' (starting at £15) which is the amount you'd be funding MONSTER with. The perks offered range from t-shirts and artworks by Giles to a boat trip to the installation sight for the experience or a private peep show by Giles' mechanic strippers (which you can book for your gathering or party!). You can even get your voice into the installation or the concept installation model of MONSTER. Just select the most appealing perk for your budget.
  • After you've made your choice, fill in your details and you are done! If you have chosen a perk you will get an estimated delivery time depending on what it is. 

Read more about the project and crowdfunding process here

Two of Giles' animatronic figures - Patricia and Monique

In the studio with Giles...

Giles showing us around his studio inhabited by some interesting creatures...

With MONSTER my aim is to present a difficult and broad concept in the most visual way possible. However, I wont stop there because I will use sound and movement in a way that will make you feel this sculpture physically as well. My intention is that MONSTER will appeal to people of all ages. I hope that everyone will experience something personal as well as collective from their visit. I want to leave people inspired and satisfied but also with the feeling that they missed something…so they come back again!"
-Giles Walker
Sketches, prints and plans for MONSTER and the campaign. 


We are very excited for Giles' new project and can't wait to see it realised. Watch this space for more information on MONSTER and an interview of the artist by Mike Snelle of The Connor Brothers, the two of whom have been friends and worked together for a long time. More on that soon.  Giles showing Carla around

As always, thank you for reading this week's blog. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to get in touch. Don't forget you can view Giles' catalogue here and keep an eye out for his interview coming soon. Please feel free to share this blog or Giles' crowdfunding page to spread the word and help MONSTER happen. 

Love from the Hang-Up Team.





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