Halloween Inspiration from Hang-Up Favourites...

Spooky season is upon us and we could not be more excited. In honour of one of the funniest holidays of the year we have hand-picked a selection of artworks to get you in the Halloween mood or give you some inspiration if you are yet to pick a costume.

If anything catches your eye you can just click on the image to view the artwork.

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1. Yayoi Kusama 

Nothing says Halloween more than pumpkins. And for any art lover pumpkins only bring one artist to mind... Yayoi Kusama of course. Did you know pumpkins have been a motif in the Japanese artist's work since her childhood? Yayoi Kusama, Pumpkin (Red), 2015.  

2. Magnus Gjoen

It's not Halloween without skeletons and skulls either. So naturally Magnus Gjoen's eerie and breath-taking depictions of human skulls with an 'Old Masters' twist make the list. Magnus Gjoen, Spirited Away, 2012. 

Magnus Gjoen, Only the Dead Have Seen the End of War, 2018. 


3. Jean Michel Basquiat 

Skeletons were also a symbol frequently used in the work of Jean Michel Basquiat. From an edition of just 18 screen prints, 'Ligaments of the Elbow' is from his popular Anatomy series. The rare and sought-after piece is one of the very few editions available on the market that is signed by the artist.
Jean Michel Basquiat, Ligaments of the Elbow, from Anatomy, 1982.


4. Nancy Fouts 

More skeletons and other creepy finds from Nancy Fouts' catalogue. The artists's subversive and witty imagination brings to life works that are bound to get you into the right Halloween mood.  Nancy Fouts, War, 2014

Nancy Fouts, Still Smiling, 2012.

Nancy, Fouts, Shrunken Gloves 4, 2012. 

Nancy Fouts, Crow with Eye, 2010. 

5. Giles Walker

Of course we could not leave Giles Walker out of the list. His incredible bell jar sculptures made out of found materials are the perfect mix of creepy and beautiful. Giles Walker, Singing for Our Supper, 2018. 

6. Candice Tripp 

In her 'House of Horror' series of originals, Candice Tripp paints the houses from various horror films and scary cult classics. Made with gouache on paper, the illustrations are dark, playful and a bit creepy. Perfect for horror film fans. 

Candice Tripp, 28 Days Later, 2014.  

Candice Tripp, Beetlejuice, 2014.

7. Banksy

Any Tarantino inspired costume is a win in our books. Going as Vincent and Jules is a fairly easy costume option, throw in a banana in there and it's pop-culture perfection.   Banksy, Pulp Fiction - Signed, 2004. 


8. David Scheinmann

Some more costume inspiration from David Scheinmann's subversive and surreal images of childhood story characters and superheroes.  David Scheinmann, Tinkerbell, 2013.

David Scheinmann, Spiderman, 2013. 


9. Delphine Lebourgeois 

Some more fairytale and superhero inspired options curtesy of Delphine Lebourgeois' beautiful limited editions and originals.  Delphine Lebourgeois, Hide and Seek The Princess - Original, 2018. 

Delphine Lebourgeois, Rebel II, 2017.

Delphine Lebourgeois, Superhero II, 2016. 


10. Russell Young

And of course, channelling a famous icon for Halloween is always an option. Here are some ideas from Russel Young...  Russell Young, Marilyn Crying (Mediterranean Blue), 2013.

Russell Young, Kate Moss (as Myra Hindley) - AP, 2007. 


We hope you've enjoyed our selection of spooky finds. From all of us here at Hang-Up, have a lovely Halloween!
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Harland Miller, In Shadows I Boogie, 2019.  

Till next time,
Hang-Up Team


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