"Working at Hang-Up as Gallery Registrar has been an exceedingly varied role and full of creativity on a daily basis. It can be challenging at times but never a boring day!" - Alexia 

We take a look into a day of packing and wrapping at Hang-Up with our bespoke tubes, flat packing and creating crates.

Hang-Up Bespoke Tubes: 

How we roll a print:

Rolling a print with Alexia

Get an inside look at how we wrap our prints for our customers and learn how you could handle yours!

Safest way to handle artworks?

White cotton gloves! They prevent oil from your fingertips from contacting the artwork, which can cause damage over time!

The step-by-step process

Get a closer look at the step-by-step process of rolling a print!

Flat Packing:

Step 1: the wrapping before the packing

Wrapping the print in acid-free paper!

We always use acid free (glassine) paper when flat packing a print, to ensure full protection. 

Step 2: The packing!

Making the corners and packing to keep the print extra-safe during transport!


Always create corners to protect the corners of the print.  Place masking tape over the corners. 

Creating Crates:

The Essentials: some hard, bendy board, a stanley knife, fragile tape, cross weave tape and of course our favourite Hang-Up stickers!


Step 1: Cutting out the pieces for the crate

Take measurements carefully to make sure they will all fit together!

Step 2: Putting the box together

Tape all the pieces together using extra strong tape to ensure they can not come apart!

Step 3: Ready to ship!

Placing the piece inside after bubble wrapping it and sprinkling on some packing peanuts for extra safety!


And voila, there you have it! Artwork is safe and ready to be shipped! 

What then?

We use Flight Logistics, a respectable courier which provides specialist services to the art sector. Once your artwork has left Hang-Up and has been collected by our art couriers, you will receive a tracking number. Your artworks are always fully insured and trackable during transit. Our couriers have an impressive reputation within the art community so you know your artwork is in good hands! 

Now we ask Alexia, what's the best part of the job?

- Opening a crate! Sometimes not knowing what’s inside!

- Coming up with new creative ideas on how to pack a work and overall being able to challenge myself on a daily basis

- And it's always a great sense of accomplishment when artworks arrive safe and sound to clients! 

Thanks for reading! I hope this has provided an inside look of how we lovingly handle and pack work here at Hang-Up and may even help you guys with handling your own artwork! If you have any further questions feel free to email us at info@hanguppictures.com

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