2014 started with multi-media artist Lauren Baker's memorable ' You Blow My Mind'  show - an intoxicating combination of neon lights, beautifully hand-painted embellished human and animal skulls, gold plated fingers, a pumping heart sculpture.

Lauren Baker Timelapse for 'You Blow My Mind' Exhibition

Event You Blow My Mind by artist Lauren Baker @ Hang-Up Gallery, shot by Josh Chow.

The one of its kind pumping heart sculpture, showcased at Hang-Up Gallery.  

We then surrendered to Patrick Thomas's silkscreened unique heart ideograms, part of his first London solo exhibit since 2008 - 100 BPM. 


 Spring brought the creative eclectic mix of urban and white walls setting, culminating in 'Wall to Wall', which ambitiously aimed to explore the diverse, often contradictory aesthetic of street art. A careful selection of rare and unseen works by  Banksy, Shepard Fairey, EineKAWS, Futura, Swoon, FAILE, Adam Neate, alongside Hang-Up's first street art installation -'Overflow', by RUN, came to prove philosopher Lefebvre's words 'The future of art is not artistic but urban'.  



RUN's installation in the bunker.


OVERFLOW: A Painted Installation by RUN

For the Hang-Up Gallery Exhibition " Wall to Wall" - 22 March - 27 April 2014

While 'Wall to Wall'brought the urban noise inside,  Rosie Emerson's brought serenity, harmony and ephemeral beauty in her solo show ' Sirens'. Accompanying the exhibit was her short film 'White Knight', shot on a Super 8 by Emersonherself. IDOL magazine summarized it best - 'the film brought the visuals of her prints to life in a sinister, yet enticing manner; the perfect accompaniment to a strong, creative body of work'.



 A successful and natural progression of Emerson's exploration of cyanotype and print in 'Sirens' resulting her breaking the World Recordfor the largest Cyanotype Photograph in August 2014, as part of Hackney WickED Festival. 

The summer came with a bang. London- based Italian artist RUNset the rhythm on dance. His ' Dancer Master' featured new work, created solely for Hang-Up, and combined the artist's fascination with colours, painting, body language, world rituals, rhythm and dance.

Meet the Artist: RUN

A behind the scenes look at Italian street artist RUN filmed in his London studio and on location worldwide.

August came as a pretty special month for Hang-Up. We not only hit our first serious social media milestone, reaching 10 000 followers on Facebook, (covered here), but only launched our first edition of the Hang-Up Collections - Volume I(an exciting new revolving series, showcasing rare and/ or unseen works from the gallery artists' roster). It was, by far, one of the most challenging and ambitious shows we have put together, because of its rotating unconventional approach of exhibiting the pieces and the constant flow and supply of new releases. To quote Carla Nizzola(Hang-Up Gallery Manager): 

The rotating concept has had a profound effect on the physical gallery space. We have provided fresh artworks from gallery artists and world known names on a weekly basis, and as a result the gallery has welcomed many new visitors, buyers and artists.

Some of the works on view during the Collections.

Corner, dedicated to the named by Webby awards ' person of the year' - Banksy.

October to December continued to be dynamic and full on times for the Hang-Up family. The gallery took Mark Powellto Moniker Art Fair 2014, to present his cutting-edge installation ' Junkyard Games'. Found objects, such as 1920's apple boxes, coffee sacks and road signs became the main canvas for Powell's avant-garde oil paintings, created exclusively for the fair. 

Finally, we embraced the yule in our last for 2014 Xmas exhibition, dedicated on affordable exclusive new releases, limited editions and originals from the gallery artists' roster.   

We also launched our 'Banksy Bunker' - permanent space, showcasing rare, unseen or limited editions by one of the 100 most expensive living artists for 2014 - Banksy.


We look forward to the New Year ahead, with plenty of bigger, better and more exciting adventures to come! 

And in the meantime, our biannual sale with exclusive offers on selected originals and prints is launching tomorrow evening, so make sure you visit hanguppictures.comand enjoy the holidays! 


All images, unless stated otherwise: Chuck Noble.

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