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This week we had the pleasure of catching up with Joe Webb. The artist has been keeping busy creating new originals whilst exhibiting with Ackerman Studios and Saatchi Gallery, amongst others. As well as presenting his newly available original collages, we also managed to get exclusive information about some very interesting projects he has in store. Read all about it below... Joe Webb amongst his collection of books and magazines...  

HU: You recently started working with Eden Reforestation Projects. Can you tell us a bit more about this decision?
J.W: As I make a lot of artwork about environmental issues, I wanted to find a way to contribute to an environmental cause. I watched a shocking documentary where David Attenborough returned to Madagascar 50 years after his initial visit, and found 90% of the forests had been destroyed. I discovered work was being done to replant the lost forests, so I looked into it some more and found Eden Projects. I joined a partnership with them, which means from every sale of my artwork a tree gets planted and local people are employed.


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So, so happy to announce, from now on a tree will be planted in Madagascar with EVERY order from www.joewebbart.com/store with Eden Reforestation Projects @edenprojects Unbelievably, 90% of Madagascar's forests have been destroyed. Now there’s amazing work being done to replant the lost forests. The project also employs local people, helping the locals as well as the environment. I've teamed up a partnernship with the Eden Project meaning that for every sale from my website a donation will be made so that a tree will be planted - helping to regenerate after the devastation of the forests. Please read more about the amazing work done by the Eden Project here: www.edenprojects.org - you can even donate to the project yourself should you wish! Thanks for reading.

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HU: You’ve had a busy year, exhibiting at the Saatchi Gallery and Acherman Studios, amongst others. What’s next?
J.W: I'm showing a 8ft billboard of my artwork 'Arctic Tears' at the Glastonbury festival, at the Shargri-La tent.

Megalith - Original  by Joe Webb

HU: Do your collages usually start with a concept which you then find the visual material to illustrate or is it the other way around?
J.W: I have interests I want the work to talk about, the environment, socio-politics or more recently just an appreciation of being alive and well...looking at the world in a more conscious, aware way. I'm drawn to imagery that lends itself to these subjects, the collages are just a reflection of my interests really.

Nature Fans - Original by Joe Webb 

HU: Your creations have been used in music projects, some famous collaborators including Dua Lipa and Tears for Fears. Do you have a dream music collaboration?
J.W: Maybe a jazz album, like a Miles Davis or John Coltrane compilation. Most of the musicians I listen to are all long dead!


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Earlier this year Hang-Up and I worked on a cool project with mega popstar @dualipa - animating my collages to her songs. Here’s an example of one we made 🙌🏼

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HU: What has been your proudest moment as an artist so far?
J.W: It's all good. I just feel so lucky to be doing what I love and to express myself through the artwork – and to find that people are relating to it and appreciating it is amazing. Maker - Original by Joe Webb  


Thank you for taking the time to chat with us Joe, it's been a pleasure as always. Be sure to click here for Joe Webb's stunning catalogue of original collages and limited edition prints. As always, thanks for reading and don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions through info@hanguppictures.com.

Till next week,

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