The new releases see the return of a gallery favourite, Colonial Beauty and a brand new edition The Lunacy Of Norma Desmond (Gloria).

"The Lunacy of Norma Desmond is the first of a new series I am working on. Addressing the grandeur and lost recognition of stars from the silent era and the early days of Hollywood."

"I couldn't think of a more captivating face than that of Gloria Swanson, who was the most sought after star of the silent era. 

Swanson’s career faded when ‘talkies’ took over until her masterful cast as Norma Desmond in Billy Wilder’s 1950s film ‘Sunset Boulevard’, where she plays a forgotten silent star, living a secluded life in her grotesque mansion, screening her old films, dreaming of a comeback and eventually slipping into a delusional state and committing a murder."

"In The final scene of the film Swanson walks down her stairs, with the police lined up to take her in for investigation. She is clearly unaware of the situation. Dressed in her finest clothes, convinced she is walking into a film set and finally achieving her comeback she says “All right Mr. De-Mille, I am ready for my close-up”.

Back in a new colour-way, Colonial Beauty (Red) graces our gallery once again! To create such a vivid image, screen printing over 7 layers allows for a clean and sharp finish. 

"As with my previous works, I enjoy layering patterns, iconography and symbols from different cultures, eras and visual references to create new meanings and juxtapositions in order to strip the viewer’s understanding of what lies in front of them."

Both these prints are available to purchase - just click here to view Reiner's whole catalogue.

"My work is often multilayered and multi coloured. I find it more difficult to restrict myself to a couple of colours when working, this provides a challenge though when approaching the print bed and producing each layer on top of the others- watching the layers come together to create the final image is a scary and exciting process at the same time and the satisfaction of applying the final layer to consolidate the image is freakin’ awesome."

Lily Tiger2015

Totem IV - Astrea 2015

Sneaky peek at some new work.

 We at Hang-Up love the work and very excited to see more in the near future so watch this space...

Thank you Johnathan!


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