Hello Beautiful is a charity that raises awareness for breast cancer. Founder Jane Hutchinson has been in contact with gallery artist Johnathan Reiner for 'Beauty in Change', a campaign about testicular cancer. For this campaign, the charity focussed on one 'Renaissance Man' for each day of November 2014, and Johnathan was one of them!Johnathan is working alongside the charity again for the Hang-Up exclusive charity print; 'Eve'. Jane (founder of Hello Beautiful) and Kevin (Creative director) screen printed the works themselves at the Print Club where Johnathan's UK base is. 100% of the proceeds are going to the Hello Beauty charity.

Here's some images sent to us from Jane and Kevin of their day in the studio...

Adorned with tattoos, the anarchy symbol and blood red nails; let us introduce you to Eve.

Eve - Johnathan Reiner £150

We asked Johnathan about his relationship with Hello Beautiful-

"I chose to collaborate with Hello Beautiful for their cause, their fresh attitude and their creative approach towards promoting health and supporting those going through their cancer journey.

The people at Hello Beautiful encourage a holistic approach when tackling difficult issues such as disease and cancer. Through their own experience with dealing with the disease they are not afraid to face the challenge with positivity, a smile and all in all fun vibes - emphasising their importance in healing.

Hello Beautiful advocate creativity as a tool for health and wellbeing, something I value in my own private life and in practicing medicine"
"Eve represents the ambassador of good will for Hello Beautiful.

The Tattoo on her arm is a quote from the bible in hebrew and literally means 'Mother of all Beings'.

She gained the wisdom of the bitten apple and does not have any regrets about the path she has chosen, carrying the responsibility of mortality with acceptance, joy, sobriety and a sense of achievement.

She inked the sand clock on her arm representing mortality and the little time we have to achieve our goals, a compass keeping her centred wherever she goes, Minnie Mouse who was formed like eve from Micky's ribs.

A tattoo in Arabic which I believe is a blessing of wellbeing.

She has an 'A' sign on her shirt representing her being the first anarchist, or the anarchy she puts order to, or 'A' for Adam, her partner in this life..."

"A few more tattoos on the face and hand are symbols of God; the snake, eternity, the peace dove or the Holy Spirit.

In short, she is a spiritual being." Johnathan Reiner

'‘Dr. Johnathan Reiner is not your ordinary Neuroscience graduate. Art is at the heart of his beat and provides guidance in his quest to understand life and his place in it" Jane Hutchinson (Founder of Hello Beautiful)Jane Hutchinson was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012, and since then she has committed her life to building the charity and helping women and men through the difficulties of cancer. Find her inspiring website and blog here: hellobeautiful.org


Hello Beautiful has worked alongside many artists, designers and influential figures. In October last year, they were involved in Stella McCartney's 'Louise Listening' bra.

"The Post-op Double Mastectomy bra celebrates women who have gone through this life changing experience, and gives them a sense of comfort and femininity at a vulnerable time." Hello Beautiful"We wanted to bring something feminine and beautiful into a bra that is taboo" Stella McCartney

Johnathan paid us a visit in the gallery last week to sign some prints in the lead up to his upcoming exhibition on December the 2nd. Keep your eyes peeled for an exclusive Hang-Up interview with Johnathan Reiner in the coming week!

Colonial Beauty (Giraffe) - Johnathan Reiner

Please RSVP and join us for Johnathan Reiner's exhibition private view on the 1st of December.

We look forward to seeing you at Femme Fatale! If you have any questions regarding the blog, please don't hesitate to get in touch by email on fran@hanguppictures.com or give the Hang-Up team a call on +44 (0)20 3667 4550.

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