While currently the world record is held by a French, Rosie will try and beat it by producing a cyanotype print, measuring 6 x 9 metres in size.
Cyanotype printing became a large inspiration for Rosie's work and an object of an entire show. 'Sirens' (02 May- 08June, Hang-Up Gallery) was an eclectic collection of collage elements and found botanical objects, combined with life size negatives, placed on coated with UV light sensitive emulsion paper, resulting in beautiful deep Prussian blue photographs.
Below: prep work for 'Sirens'. 

The record-breaking work will incorporate six costumes models, arranged onto the surface of the fabric alongside with nets, branches, flowers, cut-out shapes, shells. The photograph will only take a few moments exposure on the sun, during which time, the audience will be able to observe the change of colour and expose. Once completed, the work will be hoised up onto the wall of The Cygnet, available to be enjoyed and viewed for the duration of the Hackney WickED festival (01st -03rd August).
The record attempt will take place on the second day of Hackney WickED (Saturday, 02nd August) at 2pm at The Cygnet, so do not miss the opportunity to see it! 

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