Salon Hang

The Connor Brothers

Team Hang-Up - Fran, Claudia, Charlotte, Laure, Carla and Ben

Gile Walker Bring In The Screamers

Laura Keeble Pandora Box (Bargain Bucket)

Our Bar Goddesses 

The Connor Brothers Every Saint Has A Past Every Sinner Has A Future

Gallery Manager Carla and Artist Joe Webb

Joe Webb Heavy Sea All Proceeds go to the Refugee Response Foundation Charity

Former Hang-up team member, Clemmie came back especially!


Dr Viktor Schroeder Memento Mori Thermostahl



Gentleman's Room

Mark Powell Pre Touch Up Of A Magazine Cover, The Connor Brothers It Never Got Weird Enough For Me and Butch Anthony Ghost In The Misty Fog


James from The Connor Brothers


The Connor Brother's Wondrous Cabinets

Artist Lauren Baker


Thank you again for such a great evening! I hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as we did.

Wondrous Obsessions: The Art of Collecting - Curated by The Connor Brothers Tues-Sun 12-6pm until 3rd July - Don't miss out!

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