Giacomo Bufarini aka RUN has been a friend of Hang-Up's for some time. Having a solo show, Dance Master, two years ago, we have followed RUN through his endeavours around the world.

Mural in Morocco 

Not only a street artist, his latest project is a Kick Starter called; Time Traveller Artist Man. Raising funds to produce a book which charts his voyages and captures his inspiration through the people he meets.

A pledge of £30 includes a hand written thank inside the book! 

In February of this year, RUN traveled to Morocco. Les Rives (The Shores) took 7 days to complete and about 280 litres of paint and natural pigment. The huge mural can be realised when looking from afar.


Check out the video of the making of Les Rives for the Marrakech Biennale 6 in Essauira, Morocco.

Gobos - Original canvas

The Storyteller - Red - Screen printed Edition of 12

Phrenology II - Original canvas

If you would like any further information about available works, please do not hesitate to contact Hang-up Gallery. 


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