The Tim Fishlock Phenomenon...

Following the hugely successful inaugural show REPEAT AFTER ME at Hang-Up Gallery in August 2017, London-based artist Tim Fishlock (FKA Oddly Head) has gone on to create sell-out series and exhibit work in prestigious institutions including the Design Museum and the Royal Academy. Since then, the artist's work has found a home in prestigious collections in the UK and internationally.  

With his second solo show at Hang-Up, INTROVERSION IMMERSION, having just opened, we decided it was time to touch base with some of the artist's collectors and learn a bit more about what it is about Tim and his work that resonates with them. Let's meet the collectors... 

Meet the Collectors


Name: Mike Snelle of The Connor Brothers

Location: Cambridge 

Artists in Collection: Tim Fishlock, Harland Miller, David Shrigley ... 

HU: As a fellow artist, what drew you to Tim Fishlock’s work?

M.S: They're visually striking and beautifully executed but it was really the way he uses words that appealed to me.

Mike Snelle plays with TFLO for the first time at Hang-Up 


HU: Do you have a question you’d like to ask Tim?
M.S: Not really. I'm just enjoying watching him progress and become more ambitious and am very much looking forward to seeing his installation at the new show.

TFLO now in Mike and Gallery Manager Carla's home 


2. Perry Meltzer, Psychologist specialising in Dialectical Behavior Therapy


Name: Perry Meltzer
Location: NYC
Artists In Collection: Tim Fishlock and Banksy


HU: You’re the proud owner of the incredible ‘TFLO’ - an interactive artwork inspired by the Dadaist, ‘cut up’ technique which makes way for new meanings. As a therapist specialising in dialectic therapies , can you tell us what attracted you to this artwork? 
P.M: TFLO appealed to me for a couple of reasons. As a Psychologist, a significant part of my work in psychotherapy is based on the ability to be a participant observer; simultaneously I’m engaging in and interpreting a dynamic. I found and appreciate a similar dynamic with TFLO. I’m able to interact with the work and, at the same time, observe how it changes and creates new meaning through my interaction with it.
Specializing in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), I was also drawn to the dialectical nature of the piece. The contrast of vibrant color and darker messages existing together represents the type of synthesis between opposing forces that dialects teaches. Though my most current engagement with TFLO feels a bit more optimistic than ominous to me...

TFLO in PM's home


Name: Elliot Yardley
Location: London
Artists in Collection: Tim Fishlock, Futura, Harland Miller, Banksy, The Connor Brothers
HU: You own one of Tim’s sell-out ’99 Problems’ hand-cast ice cream cones. As a collector, do you have a criteria that works have to meet before buying?
E.Y: There are many different reasons for collecting, and a criteria does apply, and varies for each person, however what makes us put our hands in our pockets if we all love it?
As a collector, and I can only speak for myself, in the age of Google and Instagram our attention span has become about 30 seconds, then swipe left.
So I suppose it has to capture our imagination, it has to firstly appeal then has to evoke an emotion and have an attitude.
Tim Fishlock's (FKA Oddly Head) piece, it is not only playful and emotional but also it has simplicity. It’s about childhood experiences - the cone, the flake 99 ice cream. Then as we get older like Jay-Z said, we have 99 problems. The flavours evoke emotion, the colours are vibrant, and then you turn it on it’s head, and it becomes a sculpture, perfection! The icing on the cake! an object of desire.
Very simple and very clever.
Or is it when a child drops his ice cream? And this is the clever part, turning it on it’s head to become a sculpture. It ticks all the right boxes.
Either way, I love it.

Tim Fishlock - 99 Problems Deluxe Edition - Emerald Ganache

Name: Jackie Lloyd
Location: UK
Artists in collection: Tim Fishlock, The Connor Brothers, Harland Miller, Grayson Perry, Mark Powell
HU: You have fantastically diverse selection of artworks, from well established names to artists at the beginning of their careers. What advice would you give to collectors starting out?
J.L: Find a gallery that sells the type of art or artists you admire. Speak to them and get some information about the artists you like etc, then you can make a more informed decision. The best thing to do though, and it’s a cliche for a reason, is buy what you like and want to look at everyday on your wall.

Just Like the Nazis - Original from Tim Fishlock's ATTN SPN series in Jackie's home

Name: Nico Jones
Location: London and Miami
Artists in Collection: Tim Fishlock, Harland Miller, Banksy, Grayson Perry, Jonas Wood, The Connor Brothers and Keith Haring


HU: You've purchased a fantastic selection of originals from Tim Fishlock’s popular ‘ATTN SPN’ series. As a keen collector of Hang-Up’s, and as a strong supporter of our emerging artists, have you enjoyed watching Tim’s progression?
N.J: I always love to watch an artist's progression as a keen collector. It’s so exciting (and sometimes addictive!) to find and invest in artists at the beginning of their career. I’ve been following Tim’s work since he had his first show as Oddly Head with you guys a couple of years back. That exhibition was one of the best that Hang-Up’s put on. Such fresh, forward thinking and topical work! Since then I have been watching Tim grow and develop into a seriously credible and collectable artist. I see big things on the horizon for him - and cannot wait to see the next show!


Nico purchased the full set of Tim's new ATTN SPN print release at the show


Thank you to our lovely collectors for taking part. INTROVERSION IMMERSION is now on show at Hang-Up Gallery, closing on the 13 July. The gallery is open daily from Tuesdays - Saturdays between 11 am and 6 pm. Catch you there.

Till next time,

Hang-Up Team 




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