Five Questions With | Bonnie and Clyde
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Five Questions With | Bonnie and Clyde

7 May 2019

As summer approaches and the daydreams of faraway places get more and more vivid, it's the perfect time to catch-up with one of our favourite artists - Bonnie and Clyde. The artist has some dreamy new originals and editions just in time for summer too. Read on to learn more about her, as we ask her 5 quick questions, Hang-Up style...

5 Questions with... Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde is undoubtedly a Hang-Up favourite. Her dreamy works mix familiar imagery from the urban environment with imaginary scenes and abstracted details that have the ability to take our minds far far away... With some new prints and originals having just arrived at the gallery it's her turn to answer our 5 quick questions.

The artist in her studio...

HU: Your mixed media works beautifully blend real and imaginary landscapes creating a strong sense of wanderlust. Your travels clearly influence the imagery and atmosphere in your collages. Do you have a favourite destination or one you feel you are most inspired by in your artworks?
B&C: Thanks, yes I take a lot of photos and just get a vibe of a place I visit. I think many of my works have a feel of California or US although I sometimes blend many different destinations into one piece from UK to Mexico via Iceland.
I think it has something to do with the light and space and clean shapes of the architecture in LA’s beach areas. I have fond memories of the place – especially Venice.

Bread - Orignal by Bonnie and Clyde

HU: You have worked in graphic design as well as fashion photography before discovering your signature style and becoming a practicing artist. How did your previous endeavours influence your art practice?
B&C: I was doing a lot of illustration based graphic design so it wasn’t such a great leap as I was using collage a lot creating work for the creative industries. It was frustrating as I knew I could do a lot more interesting work and there were always restrictions from the client with either the design or materials. It focused me to learn how to screen print and then I combined the skills I’d picked up along the way, finding my way into the art world when I moved to Brighton. I painted and made collages before I went into graphics and photography so it feels like a creative journey for me. I don’t feel like it stops here...There’s so much more to do :D

HU: Hang-Up works with some incredible artists. If you could collaborate with one, who would it be?
B&C: You work with many of my favourite artists including Dan Baldwin, Magda Archer, David Shrigley and not forgetting Bridget Riley, Sir Peter Blake, Jeff Koons, Ai Weiwei and Tracey Emin. Basquiat would be my dream collab though. I’ve been a big fan for such a long time.
I’ve started working on a project with Maria Rivans who I share a studio with and who you also work with at Hang Up. We have big plans for an installation project and we will be working with a group of people on that at a later stage. It’s been in the incubation stage for a while now and it’s starting to get some shape to the idea and will be developing that over the next months and beyond.

Good Day - Original by Bonnie and Clyde

HU: Summer is quickly approaching, do you have any plans?
B&C: I’m heading to Lisbon soon, which has been on my list of destinations for a long time. Plus working on the collab (see above.) I’ll be starting on some new work of my own too. I’d like to spend some time hanging out and daydreaming on the beach in my hometown, Brighton. I’ve never managed to spend time relaxing there since I moved here years ago so if I have any free time and the weather is ok - that’s the plan! I’d really like to book in some trips too - maybe to Southern California.

Tokyo Beat, limited edition print by Bonnie and Clyde.

HU: What has been your proudest moment as an artist?
B&C: Probably getting invited to have dinner with Sir Peter Blake and a group of artists that work with Ackerman Studios (Lily Ackerman) before my solo show at 45 Park Lane and seeing my work in the lofty space there was a highlight.
It’s not only those special occasions though; everytime someone buys or exhibits my work I feel great appreciation. As an artist it’s all down to people and galleries supporting your vision and connecting with it.

From the private view of Bonnie and Clyde's solo show at 45 Park Lane.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us, it's been a pleasure. As always, click here to view Bonnie and Clyde's stunning catalogues of prints and originals and don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Till next week...

Hang-Up Team x

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