Five Questions With | Magnus Gjoen
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Five Questions With | Magnus Gjoen

3 Apr 2019

Introducing Hang-Up's new blog feature, 5 Questions With, where we get a chance to catch up with our artists to learn what's new with them, what they're working on and what may be in store. Our first one is with the amazing and always-busy Magnus Gjoen. Time for a long overdue, quick catch-up.

5 Questions With...

We started '5 Questions With' to give ourselves and our readers a chance to catch up with our artists. And who better to start with than Magnus Gjoen, who is usually either travelling or working on something exciting. Lately, he has been busy with some major projects, from new artwork releases to a commission by Soho House and an upcoming solo show. We're excited to hear about it all.

So let's get started!

Magnus Gjoen

Magnus Gjoen in his studio

Hang-Up Gallery: You have recently returned from a trip to New Orleans. We know you’re always travelling to gather inspiration and source materials for your artwork - what’s been the best destination for that so far and why?
Magnus Gjoen: I think everywhere I go I collect inspiration. Although maybe not evident at the time, when you get back to the studio to start a new piece suddenly you realise influences that were not so obvious in the beginning. I still think Italy is my preferred place to go for inspiration, however I think if you take a little piece of everywhere you go, you create something that has a bit more depth and thought.

J'ayme à Jamais (I Love for Ever)

HU: You recently collaborated with Soho House to create artworks for their new and beautiful hotel in Amsterdam? Can you tell us a little bit about the experience?

MG: As you know I have an affinity for the Dutch Old Masters, so I think it was a good fit to have a reinterpretation of classic art in a place which already has such great history.

I'd Rather Be Happy than Dignified by Magnus Gjoen hanging in one of the Art Deco Rooms in Soho House, Amsterdam. Image courtesy of Soho House.

I'll Cry When I'm Done Killing by Magnus Gjoen. Images courtesy of Soho House.

Magnus Gjoen's artwork in Soho House, Amsterdam. Image courtesy of Soho House.

HU: You have an upcoming show and collaboration with Baldi Home Jewels in Milan this week, which we are very excited to see, can you tell us a bit more about this?
MG: I’ll be releasing a collection of sculptures in semiprecious stones and plated bronze, with details in diamonds and rubies. The collection is called ‘Till Nature Do Us Part’ and will include some of my iconic imagery like the grenades, uzi’s and scarabs. It's about the transformation of a shape of something considered so destructive, into an object of beauty and luxury. Playing with the juxtaposition of nature and the destructive man-made, the sculptures incorporate both bronze trees caressing and swallowing the crystal Uzi’s as well as snakes and butterflies in suspended animation wrapped around grenades.

Magnus Gjoen's latest release - 'You Don't Find Light by Avoiding Darkness'

HU: In 2012, we launched our first physical gallery space with your inaugural solo show ‘Between Heaven and Hell'. Since then, you have gone on to achieve and create some incredible artworks and projects. Where do you hope your practice will take you in the next few years?
MG: I think as an artist you have an organic growth which takes you in different directions. I think as new doors open you just run with it. I’ve had some amazing projects this last year and every one of them bumps me to a place I wouldn’t expect.

AK-47 (Concert of Birds)

I Thought We'd Only Meet in Death - Lenticular. Did you know Kate Moss owns one of the pieces in this edition?

HU: What would you say has been your proudest moment as an artist?
MG: I think when my father came to one of my exhibitions and I saw how he was gleaming with pride.

Magnus with his puppy at Hang-Up's opening of 'The Art of DMC'

Thank you so much Magnus for taking the time to chat with us. To view all available works by Magnus Gjoen click here. Thank you for reading this week's blog, we hope you enjoyed it.

Till next time,

Hang-Up Team x

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