David de la Mano - Wandering Community

David de la Mano - Wandering Community

19 Mar 2017

Featured artist David de la Mano has taken over an abandoned billboard in the neighbourhood La Blandqueada with a new mural depicting a group of human silhouettes marching forward en masse. His monochromatic figures, familiar in his work, suggest an idea of migration and a bound community.

The artist started his career in the early 90s, producing land art projects, installations and sculptures in the public domain. From 2008 his focused turned to large scale mural paintings which can be found throughout his native Spain, throughout Europe, North and South America.

A prominent agent in the urban art movement, his work often reflects the contemporary moment highlighting human behaviour and interaction in the masses in a well developed minimalistic style.

Hang-Up continue to support David's work after publishing a 2 colour screen print El Hoyo and exhibiting his work in our current show.

El Hoyo - David de la Mano

Moon - David de la Mano

Bird - David de la Mano

Emerald - David de la Mano

Tierra de Fuego - David de la Mano

Click here for the full David de la Mano catalogue

Below is a throwback to when David did a large scale mural for the excellent Memorie Urbanie Street Art Festival back in 2014 on the streets of Gaeta, Italy. The mural features hundreds of black silhouettes arranged in a circle, another signature piece by the artist.

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We're excited to see what David has planned for this year and recommend you watch this space...

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in contact or pop by the gallery to see what we have in-house!

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