Art for Halloween
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Art for Halloween

26 Oct 2021

Happy (almost) Halloween! In celebration of the spookiest night of the year, we’ve rounded up five of Hang-Up’s most macabre or other-worldly pieces.

1. The one that'll give you a lovely scare

Nobody does deathly macabre quite like Magnus Gjoen, whose trademark skulls, scarab beetles and vital organs come delicately embellished with Renaissance motifs. Strange enough to scare but so lovely that they’ll lift the spirits in any living room, his works are things of extraordinary beauty. I thought we’d only meet in death has a suitably scary title for Halloween – then there’s the little matter of the skull grinning out of a background as black as the night, embellished with wilting flowers and a solitary, fluttering moth.

2. The witching hour one

Bringing her trademark kickass feminism to the world of witchery, Lebourgeois’ vibrant print shows a nonchalant condemned woman leaning down to light her cigarette on the flames burning beneath her. Tied to a stake with a vibrant red sash, she’s meeting her fate with admirable restraint. The piece is part of a body of work from the artist based on the idea of witches at the ultimate rebels, which questions modern attitudes towards women who refuse to tow the line and fit in with societal demands. The perfect piece to send a message this Halloween.

3. The one featuring creepy people

If you’re in the market for an artwork featuring shadowy figures, this Spanish artist is your man. Famed for his repeating motifs of people whose limbs segue into trailing roots, de la Mano paints his works on walls across the world as well as creating aged paper versions designed to echo found objects. The pieces are designed to be a comment on human relationships with each other and the wider environment. However, Roof XX makes our Halloween cut because it features particularly strong Wicker Man vibes thanks to its circle of tree-like people. One to hang by the TV as you snuggle up for a horror movie marathon.

4. The evil eye one

If we really wanted to scare someone this Halloween, we’d hide this print in a particularly dark corner and wait for them to find it. Context is everything here: as a photographer, de Marina leaves his pieces open to interpretation, hoping the viewer will bring some of their own experience to the meaning. Light those candles, put on the soundtrack to The Exorcist and scatter some pumpkins around to really set the scene – because we suspect that in a sunny living room, this key might actually look quite lovable.

5. The cosmic one

The unpredictable British weather needn’t interfere with your howling at the moon when you have this artist’s proof hanging in your home. Hand-embellished with diamond dust, this is a piece that’ll add sparkle to the dullest night. The cosmic piece is the work of Lauren Baker, who listens to sound waves to achieve a meditative state before conveying auras and energy onto the canvas. Exploring the very origins of the universe, her work should also spark the kind of highbrow Halloween conversations you never knew you needed.

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