Hang-Up Gallery Collections Re-fresh | 2017
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Hang-Up Gallery Collections Re-fresh | 2017

11 Sep 2017

Hang-Up Gallery is pleased to present the new collection 2017! This show will be rotating over the next couple of months so keep an eye out for new additions but in the meantime take a look through the catalogue.

Invader | Ben Eine | Charming Baker | Johnathan Reiner | KAWS

Mark Powell Bic Biro drawings

Power isn't all Struggle | One Tribe | Pride Makes Feet Stronger

KAWS Sculptures

Astro Boy | Snoopy | Tweety

David Shrigley - Another Task For You | Harland Miller - I'll Never Forget

Harland Miller Original - My Life

Harland Miller | My Life

New Johnathan Reiner Originals

The Odds Are Even | Perish or Immortalize | Expose Your Sins

The Connor Brother #REFUCHIC

We have the pleasure of being able to hang two incredibly evocative prints from The Connor Brothers Campaign #REFUCHIC. This is a not-for-profit campaign with £800 of each sale going to Refugee Kitchen. Please get in contact if you would like to get involved!

Welcome to the Banksy Bunker

Featuring some of the most iconic works by Banksy...

Banksy Signed Strawberry Donuts | Banksy - Unsigned Love Rat | Banksy Unsigned Monkey Queen | Banksy Unsigned Turf War | Banksy Unsigned Flying Copper

Banksy Unsigned I Fought The Law | Banksy Signed Choose Your Weapon | Banksy Signed Kate Moss | Banksy Unsigned Have a Nice Day

Banksy Queen Vic | Banksy Unsigned Sale Ends | Banksy Unsigned CND Soldiers

If you have any questions about the show or the Banksy Bunker, please do not hesitate to get in contact!

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