Hang-Up's Brand New Summer Hang
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Hang-Up's Brand New Summer Hang

11 Jul 2017

Take a look at at the desirable works that decorate Hang-Up walls such as Who Cares Wins by Harland Miller , From the City to the Sea by Bonnie and Clyde, Liberty by Rosie Emerson, Disco by Mark Vessey and of course, the bold and beautiful Flow (P15) and Flow (P16) by Gerhard Richter.

Who Cares Wins || Harland Miller

Some of the many distinctive pieces on display are Liberty by Rosie Emerson and DISCO by Mark Vessey, one of our only photographers on the walls this summer. Mark Vessey's work conveys obsessive collections with brilliant order.

Richters abstract works are the glue to the summer show, taking pride of place in the gallery space. Did you know that Gerhard Richter's originals have sold up to £30 million at auction?

The classic Rose Soldier by Shepard Fairey is for sale alongside four of the vintage, hand painted paperbacks by London's duo The Connor Brothers.

The Connor Brothers || Just Because you're Paranoid

The Connor Brothers || Tell me Beautiful Untrue Things

T he Connor Brothers || You Shall Know the Truth and the Truth will Make you mad

The Connor Brothers || The Truth is Rarely Pure and Never Simple We are excited to have an intricate original bic biro drawing Inside Looking Out Of The Sun's Permutation by Mark Powell. Known for his unique style, the artist's originals have sold instantly at previous shows. The artist's drawings are created on antique documents, such as love letters and maps found from around the world.

We're also very happy to be displaying three works by British collage artist Joe Webb: Orbit, At The Gallery and Storm In A Teacup. His pieces wittily examine human relationships and our baffling position in the universe.

Pure Evil - Elvis First Photo,1954 - Sun records is only an edition of 1, making it all the more unique! And don't forget, this original is sold with the renown 'drip' - seen in many of his pieces.

Invader - Scream and Aladdin Sane (Yellow), one of the most widely recognised street artists with his work on the streets in over 60 cities.

Sir Peter Blake || The Aquarium
DMC X Hang-Up || My Adidas || Photo by Chuck Noble

DMC || Tricky || Photo by Chuck Noble

We couldn't leave the walls without My Adidas! and Tricky by hip-hop legend's Run-DMC, despite The Art Of DMC exhibition having only just been taken down.

Come on down to Hang-Up Gallery and see our Summer re-hang in flesh! The show is on for three weeks before we prepare for Oddly Head's inaugural 'Repeat After Me' show. Don't forget, we're open 12-6pm Tues - Sun. Plenty of time to catch a glimpse of some of the world's hottest artists.

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