Hang-Up's Christmas Gift Guide
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Hang-Up's Christmas Gift Guide

7 Dec 2021

Not sure what to buy for the art lover in your life this holiday season? The Hang-Up team comes to the rescue.

For your other half

Logistics Intern Marian says “As the days grow colder and the skies more grey, Bonnie and Clyde's 'Lesson 1. Happiness' is the perfect gift for my better half as a reminder that warmth and sunny days are just around the corner. The play between cut-out urban-scapes and the natural are all the more emphasised by the striking use of texture and white empty space. A Christmas gift that isn't tied down by the characteristic holiday aesthetic, it serves as a hopeful look towards the exciting unknown of the coming new year.”

More art for the love of your life: Love by Patrick Hughes (does what it says on the tin); Thought After Filthy Thought by Harland Miller (an extravagant tribute to the very first flush).

For just good friends

Business Development Manager Charlotte says “Shrigley says it best: he has a very unique and succinct way of getting straight to the point. There’s a Shrigley for every situation! If you feel that you can’t be honest with a good friend, then you can let this one do all the talking instead. The bonus is that Shrigley’s work rarely fails to make you smile thanks to his matter-of-fact mixed with mad-sense-of-humour approach. What’s not to love?”

For Family

Online Coordinator Fabiola says “Whether we like it or not, Christmas is a family affair with meals and game-related feuds usually defining the day. An intricate and quirky piece comprised of a vintage games board mounted with various coins and tokens, “Game Board with Crest” by the inimitable Nancy Fouts is set to be the most popular gift in the room. And while it won’t be for all the relatives to play with, it will certainly win you the favour of that eccentric family member (we all have one!).”

More art for relatives: The Minton Scarab by Magnus Gjoen (to bring Granny bang up to date); Love by Dave White (for saying what you really feel without needing alcohol first).

For Kids

Registrar Katinka says “Colourful and eye-catching, this Katherine Bernhardt gem will brighten every kid’s heart and bedroom at any time of the year. Her playful arrangement of flamboyant toucans impresses instantly and vivifies the imagination of children and adults alike. Interaction with this piece is a non-negotiable delight which will spur on the sincerest form of flattery – imitation. My daughter fell in love with this print and let her creativity take over by copying this artwork to show her appreciation and compliment the artist.”

More art for little eyes: Moon Landing by Patrick Hughes (robots and 3D illusions… the ultimate kid pleaser); Banging the Drum by Yoshitomo Nara (for budding rock n roll stars).

As a work thank you

Gallery Founder Ben says “A bottle of Veuve Clicquot always makes for a special treat – but maybe now is the time to up the ante with this special collaboration bottle from Japanese mega-star Yayoi Kusama. This limited-edition, artist-designed bottle comes in a bespoke collectors case with Kusama’s instantly recognisable trademark psychedelic polka dots visible on both the box and bottle. Surely a fine thank you for any team member who has gone the extra mile?”

More art that means business: Bare Likes by Tim Fishlock (the ultimate sign of appreciation); It’s Time (Mini) by Lauren Baker (for a bit of light motivation).

The blow-out pressie

Gallery Manager Laura says “If budget isn’t an issue and you have an art lover in your life who deserves to be treated like royalty, then this is the one for you. Published in 1965, Untitled (La Lune en Rodage - Carlo Belloli) belongs to Riley’s early black and white series, and is a clear example of why the artist has captivated the art world since day one. It’s a mesmerising piece, subversive in its subtlety, and would win big bonus points with any collector.”

More art to make a big splash: After the Shadow by Tracey Emin (kudos for the living room); Nola by Banksy (for the joint retirement fund).

To speak to us about any of the works featured, or your own ideas for Christmas presents, get in touch.

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