Hang-Up's Highlights of London Art Fair 2017

Hang-Up's Highlights of London Art Fair 2017

22 Jan 2017

London Art Fair had its 29th run this year, exhibiting today's leading contemporary artists alongside museum quality Modern British Art. With some of Hang-Up's favourite artists: Banksy, Joe Webb, Dan Hillier, The Connor Brothers, Maria Rivans, Magnus Gjoen and Bonnie & Clyde.

'If It's Not Wierd, I'm Not Interested' - The Connor Brothers

The Connor Brothers attracted the crowds with their collage making masterclass (with Bloody Mary's) - Follow one half of the duo on Instagram.

The Connor Brothers (once again) had a show stopper on display- last year exhibiting Byron's Bong, and this year with Einstein's Rock.

"Einstein claimed that the best ideas come during the semi-conscious state between sleep and awake, and he tried to stay in this state by holding a rock in his hand over the side of the bed. Each time he drifted off he dropped the rock and woke himself thus allowing him to stay in his most creative state for longer periods. The rock, alongside a quantity of letters, notebooks and personal effects where bought by John Hanbury at auction in 1979. It's on loan from the Hanbury collection to us" Mike Snelle from The Connor Brothers

Expect some new exciting work from The Connor Brothers coming soon... watch this space! Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein also made an appearance...'Maralyn Munroe' & 'Mao' - Andy Warhol

London Art Fair kicked off the 2017 art fair calendar, showing work from 129 galleries across the UK. This year also marks the most international edition of the fair yet, with galleries from China, France, Germany, South Korea and the USA, showcasing work. 'I Love Liberty' - Roy Lichtenstein 'One Day the Sun will Kill Us All' Original - Joe Webb

This Joe Webb work got a lot of attention at the Art Fair last week! We have a depleting supply of the limited edition prints available at Hang-Up - One Day The Sun Will Kill Us All

Banksy was of course on display! 'Precision Bombing' New Originals from Bonnie & Clyde - check out the artist's online catalogue at Hang-Up.'It's OK' - David Shrigley

Have a look at the David Shrigley work we currently have in the gallery: David Shrigley Catalogue. Magnus Gjoen's Lenticular - 'I'd Rather Be Happy than Dignified'

'Rainbow Target' - Sir Peter Blake

A 3D vacuum painted plastic work, edition of 100.

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