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Introducing 'New Year Hang-Up Collections 2018'...
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Introducing 'New Year Hang-Up Collections 2018'...

14 Jan 2018

A Fresh, New Aesthetic!

Hang-Up is introducing a fresh, new aesthetic to the gallery this week as we display works by some of our favourite artists. Following the success of 'Adrift', which featured David de la Mano's monochromatic figures, we are displaying artwork which is equally as striking, but in a very different light.

A quick shot amidst curating our re-hang...

'New Year Hang-Up Collections 2018' is a vivid collection, which will be rotating for the following couple of months, so keep an eye out for new additions! You can take a look at our catalogue to see all the works that will initially be on display, here.

Let's start with this awesome piece by Harland Miller...

Harland Miller - Happiness: The Case Against (Large)

Harland Miller

Harland Miller is an artist who continues to rapidly increase in popularity. A large fan base has led him to have exhibitions in London, Amsterdam, New York, Paris... the list goes on. This perhaps comes as no surprise - his work is incredible!

Harland Miller - Too Cool To Lose

The Connor Brothers - Pulp Fiction Books

We have the pleasure to be displaying a Connor Brothers Pulp Fiction Book in 'New Year Hang-Up Collections 2018'. The Pulp Fiction Books have always been a very popular purchase, always hitting a quick sell out.

The Connor Brothers - A Load of Fuss About Fuck All

Oddly Head - New Originals!

If you're a fan of vibrant artwork, Oddly Head's new originals are certainly for you. Below are just a few of his pieces to give you a taste of what we have in store!


Oddly Head - ATTN SPN


Other great pieces that you should expect to see on display include Mark Powell's limited edition print 'Around The World' and Johnathan Reiner's 'Warrior Boy'. These are exclusive Hang-Up editions!

Mark Powell - Around The World

Johnathan Reiner - Warrior Boy

More pieces on display include a fantastic original collage by Joe Webb...

Joe Webb - At the Gallery

A set of 4 by David Shrigley...

David Shrigley - Untitled (Set of 4)

Additionally, there has been an invasion at Hang-Up! Come and see where!

Invader - Invasion Kit #01 (Albinos)

For more snaps of what's in store be sure to check out our instagram page.

So come down and feast your eyes on Hang-Up's wicked new look! We look forward to seeing you.

For all enquiries, do not hesitate to send an email to, or you can simply give us a bell on 02036674550.

Hang-Up Team!

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