Joe Webb | Artist Interview | Hang-Ten
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Joe Webb | Artist Interview | Hang-Ten

21 May 2018

The Brighton based collage artist, Joe Webb, is our fourth artist interview in the run up to our big Hang-Ten celebration. Read on to get a sneak preview of what's in store...

Hang-Up Gallery Our first memory of you was having a few during and after the London Art Fair in 2014, to which you successfully slid down the whole length of the longest underground escalator in London. What's your first memory of Hang-Up?

Joe Webb Oops, I think I had a painful landing at the end of that escalator. Earliest memory? I think Carla visiting my studio, which is basically in a field in rural Sussex... I could hear her thinking 'Where the f*ck is this place?'HU Can you remember the first piece of artwork you made that solidified your path as an artist? What was it?

JW 'Antares & Love II', which won me the opportunity to exhibit in the Saatchi. Once that happened I thought 'I'd better go for this art lark now, it's now or never!'Antares and Love II | Sold out edition

HU You'll be creating some new and unseen works for Hang-Ten to which we're very excited about. Can you give us a sneaky insight into what you're working on for the show?


I'm trying lots of different ideas at the moment. These include a new silkscreened canvas piece and some new collages. Also working on a new limited edition, from artwork featured in the Dua Lipa project we worked on.

Sneak peek of Webb's brand new canvases

HU You're very passionate and accomplished in what you do, along with being extremely fun to be around – which are some of the best things about working with you. What’s the best thing about working with Hang-Up?

JW I think your honesty...If I send through a new artwork that isn't quite working, you'll happily tell me you think it's a piece of shit!...and I love you for that!

Joe, Carla and Charlotte looking at new original collages

HU There are ten artists displaying in Hang-Ten - all very different in techniques and concepts. If you could collaborate with one artist in the show, who would it be and why?

JW I think Mark Powell does wonderful things with his biro. I like the idea of drawing with such a simple pen, but then creating really amazing complex portraits. Also Kennardphillipps for their political work.

HU The last ten years of Hang-Up have been filled with plenty of peaks (and a few troughs that we can now laugh at...!) What's the last ten years been like for Joe Webb? Can you name a few key moments?

JW Just building up a career from the humble beginnings of making political collages in between my (then) day job, to getting a solo show with you guys and exhibiting work at the Saatchi. To do this full time now blows my mind!Joe Webb's solo show 'Pulp Fiction' at Hang-Up Gallery in 2013

HU Can you describe a specific work, series, exhibition and/or collaboration you have been most proud of?

It was cool to collaborate with Dua Lipa, making animated versions of my collages to her music.

New @dualipa animation! 💥#joewebb #dualipa #hangupgallery @hangupgallery

A post shared by Joe Webb (@joewebbart) on May 1, 2017 at 11:07pm PDT

Hit single IDGAF by Dua Lipa
HU We'd have to say a favourite time with you was your second solo show 'Sweet Armageddon' in 2015, where you created your first series of large collages, which was a sell-out success. We ended up dancing to disco for hours at the after party. Can you name your favourite Hang-Up moment?

I think probably the same. All of the pieces in that show where key works and ideas that I'd made for the first time. There's a lot of synchronicity and meaningful coincidences involved when making a collage...You need to have the faith in the universe and believe that things will fall into place...and for that show it did.

HU We know this question can sometimes be a cringe for artists, but we're putting together a Hang-Ten playlist and would like your input. What three songs would you like to add?


I hope you like jazz? Lots of people don't, but they're wrong ;-) I find it inspiring music to work to.

 Equinox by John Coltrane, Milestones by Miles Davis and 
Regiment by Brian Eno.
HU We certainly have a few goals for the next few years - one includes world domination. What's the goal for the next 10 years?


Just to keep on developing the artwork, exploring ideas that say something about the world we live in. Those moments of serendipity whilst looking for images to make collages is half the buzz. And to keep being grateful for everything... appreciate the moment and the fact I can make a living doing something I love.

Don't forget to check out Joe's full catalogue. Watch this space for Webb's Instagram Take Over this Thurs 24 May @Hangupgallery. Ever wanted to ask Joe Webb a question? We are opening up the floor to a Q + A, so email us and your query and it might make it to the next interview.

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