Johnathan Reiner | Medusa

Johnathan Reiner | Medusa

3 Jan 2019

Johnathan Reiner has been working on a new body of work and we are very excited to present his brand new limited edition Medusa. The Greek Mythological monster is more like a goddess in Reiner's creations. He has teamed up with the brilliant Diego from Multiple Editions to produce his new release.

Read on to understand the artists process and the steps the builds the final image through screen printing.

This print will retail at £595. As an introductory offer, we are giving you the opportunity to purchase this new release for £535. Simply click on the on the image to take you straight to the check out. Please note that this offer will be valid till Monday 14 Dec, 12 noon.

Medusa | 6 colour screen print | Edition of 18 | 70 x 100 cm | Signed and numbered by the artist

"I have been playing around with the idea of Medusa for a while now and was initially fearful of joining a long line of tributes to the mythology of Medusa over the centuries." "I wanted to make sure that I get the balance right between her fierceness, her ravishing and her breathtaking beauty."

"I knew the basic story of her monstrous reputation, a gorgon - a human female with snakes in place of hair, who would turn to stone those who gazed upon her face."

"It was only through the process of working on the print that I learned about her role in culture and the humun psyche, from Sigmund Freud’s essay ‘Medusa’s Head’ in which he gives his typical Oedipal twist on things to her role in feminist literature in the 20th century." "I hope to have captured her complexities and to have lured us all to dare stare in her eyes." Don't forget you can apply for an Own Art loan which spreads the cost over 10 month with no additional fees or interest!

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