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kennardphillipps | America's Greatest Hits

12 Jul 2018

In the wake of Trumps visit, the protest and the blimp, we take a look at kennardphillipps' on point and timely new collection for Hang-Ten. Take a look at their engaging new works. Keep reading to find out more. Oh! And did you think Hang-Up would miss the protest...?

Last week was an emotional rollercoaster to say the least! The arrival of the 45th American president, Trump, topped it off.

Kennardphillipps has created a body of work which responds to the political and social turmoil in America.

America's Greatest Hits

Political Duo kennardphillipps have exclusively created a brand new collection of artworks for Hang-Ten. The results are explosive, politically charged artworks which focus on Trump’s impending visit.

Their new record, entitled ‘America’s Greatest Hits’ focuses on all the victims who have been unlawfully shot in the last year by the US police force. All of these victims were unprovoked and unarmed.

The artists have collaborated with composer Mukul Patel in this latest release. Patel directs Ambient Information Systems, a London studio creating critical intermedia works. He focuses on sound in space and frequently collaborates with choreographers and artist filmmakers. His wider practice is typically process-based and interrogates technology-driven ideas of progress.

Statement by Mukul Patel:

The first track on the record uses only audio recordings from police bodycams, from incidents involving police violence against unarmed, non-attacking persons. I began to compose the piece with the intention of using only the absences, the ‘non-events’ in between the actions, as a way of pointing to the ultimate absence (of shooting victims). Later in the process, I decided to incorporate some dialogue (because it revealed typical stress levels of the police officer, and the often innocent remarks of the ‘civilian’).

The blank portion of the vinyl has been left available for future sonic elegies and protests.

Still from Hang-Ten Launch party on 21 June 2018 | Film by Hood Society and Darcy Thomas

Above: kennardphillipps | American Dream 1 | Original Pigment Ink and oil on board

Above: kennardphillipps | American Dream 2 | Original Pigment Ink and oil on board

Flying Leaps

You may have seen 'Not Here' posters pasted up around London, Brighton and Glasgow. You can thank Flying Leaps who have collaborated with artists such as Jeremy Deller, Oddly Head, Magda Archer and of course, kennardphillipps.

Above: kennardphillipps Warhead (2018) pasted up in W1, London | Photo by Flying Leaps

‘Not Here’ is a kennardphillipps poster produced by Flying Leaps who exhibit artists’ work on street poster sites and offer for sale small versions as limited edition prints.
Their aim is ‘to provide a forum to debate the roles of art and visual activism across multiple perspectives: personal, aesthetic, social, cultural, political….’.
‘Not Here’ appears on sites in the street in the build-up and throughout Trump’s visit to London.


On Friday 13 July, Hang-Up headed to Trafalgar square to demonstrate our feelings towards Trump's visit. We were accompanied by nearly 100,000 protesters*.

The atmosphere was amazing and there were some placards that were quintessentially steeped in British humour...

Baby Trump Blimp

We may not have seen him in all his floating glory but this was pretty good. Bon voyage Baby Trump Blimp - We look forward to seeing you in USA!

Above: Photo from The Independent

*The organisers of Together Against Trump claim that the police had told them 100,000 protesters joined the march by mid-afternoon.

Check out kennardphillipps Hang-Ten interview, below, to get an insight into there new works and studio life.

If you have any questions about kennardphillipps artworks, please do not hesitate to get in contact. You can see kennardphillipps' full catalogue here.


Call: 020 3667 4550

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