Lauren Baker - Barely Controllable Emotion

Lauren Baker - Barely Controllable Emotion

28 Aug 2016

Lauren Baker is an artist that explores the immediacy of emotion. Capturing the moments that exude passion in the form of vibrant prints and neon artwork. Since her first solo exhibition at Hang-Up, two years ago, the work has shown a development through her life experiences. Following on from her #takeovertuesdays of our Instagram account, she popped into the gallery to tell us about her upcoming events.

Instagram #takeovertuesdays

September 7th see's the private view for Baker's solo exhibition at M&C Saatchi in Soho, London. Titled "Barely Controllable Emotion", the show invites your emotions to run wild! Earlier this year, she spent two months in Guatemala, studying the laws and values of metaphysics that allows a deep understanding of 'being'. This experience has influenced her hugely, which presents itself within her new body of work.

This show will unveil brand new works that Baker has kept under wraps over the past few months - Hang-Up got an exclusive sneak peak this week and we can confirm that it's well worth the wait! According to Sarah Williams, Head of Art Buying at M&C Saatchi, Lauren's work has been deemed "highly collectable".

Please email to RSVP to the private view.

You Blow My Mind (Glow in the dark)

We're very excited to release the new edition of 'You Blow My Mind'. Having sold out of the pink edition within 24 hours, and the blue in 48, we're certain the latest edition will be just as successful... and did we mention it's glow in the dark?! Hang-Up is the only gallery that has exclusivity for this week prior the show.

Photo credit: Aron Klein

Feel free to get in contact if you have any questions about Lauren's new work or if you would like to attend the exclusive private view launch at M&C Saatchi on 7th September. Hang-Up will, of course, be in attendance and bringing you all the latest news from the event!

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