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Lauren Baker | Studio Visit | Hang-Ten

31 Jul 2018

Lauren Baker's practice explores the endless possibilities of space, spirituality and energy. Last week, we were invited down to visit the artist in her WC2 studio to see where the magic happens. Find out more about her two brand new, out of this world, works in Hang-Ten.

Last week, Hang-Up went down to Lauren's studio-come-event space on Floral Street in central London. Spreading over two floors, the ground floor opens up to an exhibition space where the artist hosts events on well-being and life coaching. Moving down to the basement, the space opens up to a working studio.

Stardust (The Deep Field)

This six image lenticular explores the depth and scale of space. As you walk past the work, the colours, size and shape of the plume change, grow and evolve. Mounted on a light box, this work is undoubtedly one of Baker's most show-stopping creations.

Lauren explains, "Based on the findings of the Hubble telescope, light from over three thousand galaxies illuminated the image.' After a couple of missions, the Hubble telescope had discovered a glimpse into, what is now known as, The Deep Field. This revealed just a tiny part of a vast system comprising of 100 billion galaxies."

Above: The Deep Field (Stardust) | £9,495 | 6 image lenticular on light box

Full Moon (Stardust) Neon

In the wake of the blood moon, Baker's second piece, Full Moon (Stardust) neon couldn't be more apt. The moon is a common source of inspiration for Lauren. Having such a powerful effect on earth and the tides, is it unsurprising that we can also feel the effects during lunar spectacles. A bove: Full Moon (Stardust) | Neon | £5,495

Above: Pink Moon | Edition of 10 | £1,450

Positive Energy

As a big believer in spirituality and positive energy, Baker practices Kundalini yoga which is often said to be the most 'dangerous' form of yoga because of the involvement of subtle energies. Awakening kundalini energy unleashes tremendous power and an inner bliss.

Above: You Are Pure Magic | £5,750

Hang-Ten Launch

To see all of Lauren Baker's available catalogue, click here and If you haven't already, check out Lauren's interview here!

Above: Lauren Baker with artist Mark Powell.

Above: Lauren with friends at the launch party

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