Make Your Own 99 Problems at Oddly Head's Workshop | Saturday 7 July, 12-4 pm
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Make Your Own 99 Problems at Oddly Head's Workshop | Saturday 7 July, 12-4 pm

5 May 2018

Make Your Own 99 Problems

Yep, you heard right! It's your chance to collaborate with the artist himself and paint your own hand cast Oddly Head ice cream cone. This epic workshop is totally free and will take place on July 7 from 12-4pm. Be sure to RSVP to with 'Oddly Head Workshop' in the email subject so we can be sure to get you onto the correct list.

So, what's in store?

At this workshop you can create your very own 99 Problems ice cream with the artist himself. It's time to get deliciously creative!

The ice cream cones will be from a limited edition. Oddly Head will have pre-made and signed the cones and we will provide you with all of the necessary materials to make your dream flavour.

Following your magical creation, our team will be on hand to help you name your flavour. You'll then receive your very own Certificate of Authenticity that you can take home with your ice cream.

It's your chance to get to know the process behind the 99 problems collection. Hang-Up will also be handing out free ice-creams for those of you who get peckish, alongside other refreshments.

Spaces are limited so to ensure that you don't miss out, remember to RSVP for this event to with 'Oddly Head Workshop' in the subject of the email.

New Deluxe Bronze '99 Problems'

Watch this space - Hang-up will be exclusively releasing Oddly Head's new Deluxe Bronze '99 Problems' in the next few weeks.

If you haven't done so already you can view Oddly Head's Q&A by clicking HERE

Above: Oddly Head's 99 Problems on display on the opening night of Repeat After Me. Photo Credit to Chuck Noble

As you make your 99 Problems, you can bask in the glory of Oddly Head's new exclusive work THE FUTURE LEAKS OUT.

Oddly Head - “In an era when attention spans are short and brevity is king, I’ve been working at saying as much as possible with as few words as possible. Aware that this approach can become a potential creative cul-de-sac, I discovered for myself the lyrical power and shift in consciousness that can be achieved by subverting the normal word order and its semantic meaning. It’s an impersonal method of inspiration and invention. As Burroughs put it, ‘You cannot will spontaneity but you can introduce the spontaneous factor with a pair of scissors.’”

Any questions or queries regarding this workshop simply email or call 02036674550. We look forward to seeing you for this epic event!

Credit and thanks to Stealth Projects for organising the event.


Over 'n' out!

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