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1 Aug 2018

The Godfather of Pop Art and a household name, Sir Peter Blake is a national treasure. His practice continues to inspire the new generations, as it has done for the last 60 years! We are so pleased to have him as part of our Hang-Ten exhibition. Read on to find out what we have in store...

There's a pleasant nostalgia that accompanies Peter Blake's work. The 86 year old artist has survived through decades of change. From being evacuated as a boy to teaching the musical legend, Ian Dury. From designing the Brit award statue in 2012 to founding The Brotherhood of Ruralist. Blake is without a doubt a master of his trade.


His passion for all that is pop culture feeds into his new work; Wrestlers and Tattooed Ladies. As an avid fan of wrestling, Blake continues to explore this subject matter which has been a huge theme throughout his career.

Print with glazes on paper | 42 x 32 cm each | Edition of 50

Sold as a set of 10 for £8,295 or individually for £885 each. Click here too view his whole catalogue.

Okinawa Red - £885

Considerate Boy - £885

Mr Chow

Wrestlers are not a new subject matter for Blake. "When Michael Chow opened this restaurant he commissioned a group of artists, including me, to make pieces, and he gave us some meals against that work." - Sir Peter Blake speaking with The Observer, Sun 14 March 2004. Mr Chow opened in Knightsbridge, London 1968 and now has 6 other restaurants throughout America. Mr Chow has also been painted by Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Julian Schnabel.

Above: Frisco and Lorenzo Wong and Wildman Mr Chow By Peter Blake (c) 1966.

Tattooed Ladies

Blake has released several 'tattooed people' artworks in his life time. These charming, illustrative ladies are currently hanging in our bunker. The intricacy of these two heavily inked characters are, no doubt, a classic depiction by Blake.

Inkjet print on paper | 43 x 43 cm | Edition of 50 | £1,250

Check out what happened at the launch party, 21 June 18! Thanks to Hood Society and Mr Darcy for the video.

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