The Connor Brothers take over 2016

The Connor Brothers take over 2016

17 Apr 2016

Just last week I Tried To Drown My Sorrows went up for auction at Philips Auction house in London. Smashing the estimation of £5000 - 7000, It sold for an incredible £13,125! For anyone thinking about an investment piece, please do not hesitate to enquire about our pre-sales catalogue for the up coming show Wondrous Obsessions: The Art Of Collecting and many more.

I Tried To Drown My Sorrows - 2015

Cast your minds back to just 3 months ago when The Brothers dominated London Art Fair in Islington. Having a sell out stand and a centre piece of Lord Byron's Bong, selling at just over £1m, caused somewhat of a debate amongst experts and on-lookers...

Byron's Bong

ICA invited them to give a talk at the renowned institute on Pall Mall. Artist in Support of Refugees: A Discussion allowed the Brothers (Mike Snelle and James Golding) to open up about the on-going issues in Calais and artist response to the crisis. Not only that, it broadens the knowledge that artists are working to aid the cause which urged them to found the charity Refugee Response Foundation.

Whatever You Do Will Be Insignificant - 2015 - All proceeds went towards the refugees in Calais.

Opening a solo show at Venet-Haus Galerie,This Is A Lie, in Neu-Elm, Germany on the 14th of this month and have a confirmed Ted talk in Hong Kong this May, it's fair to say they have had a very successful year already!

Courtesy of Venet-Haus Galerie

To say the least, this is impressive. There seems to be no end to their talent and passion for what they do. Hang-Up is delighted to be able to work so closely with the pair.

Every Love Story Is A Ghost Story 2015

As Wondrous Obsessions: The Art Of Collecting approaches, the show promises not to disappoint our desire to seek out new collections, collaborations and, of course, new work by the unstoppable duo; The Connor Brothers.

Watch this space and don't hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions!

Click here for the pre-sales catalogue.

Private view: Thursday 5th May 6-9pm RSVP here or email

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