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Tim Fishlock | The Artist Formerly Known As Oddly Head
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Tim Fishlock | The Artist Formerly Known As Oddly Head

14 Mar 2019

We are delighted to be launching the new collection of works by THE artist to watch Tim Fishlock, the artist formerly known as Oddly Head. Along with the release of these extraordinary new works we have some big news to share, so read on to find out more...

An Important Message from the Artist.

Hang-Up and the artist formerly known as Oddly Head have made the collective decision to now produce artworks under his birth name; Tim Fishlock. The artist explains:

"There was always an irony in employing a pseudonym to make the kind of work where I felt most like myself. And so, in a move as seismic as Ziggy reverting to Bowie, I’m dissolving Oddly Head and becoming Tim Fishlock once more. As such, all new work will be signed by Tim Fishlock. Those people owning work with the original OH signature can hopefully feel lordly about being early adopters. Thanks for your understanding xx."

ME 034 and ME 035 | Originals | Acrylic gouache on board

What's Next.

We are pleased to announce our next exhibition will be a solo show of Tim Fishlock's work, opening in May 2019. The show is set to be his most ambitious yet, showcasing an all-new collection of multi-disciplinary artworks including an immersive lightbox installation, original paintings and sculptures.
Tim Fishlock's latest release of originals (and first release under his new name) from the sold-out 'ATTN SPN' and 'ME' series has just dropped and will be the last release before his solo show at Hang-Up. Have a look below...





Tim Fishlock f.k.a. Oddly Head

If you have been following Oddly Head you know this will not be his first solo show with us. Repeat After Me, his inaugural solo exhibition which took place in 2017 was a sell-out success.

Repeat After Me at Hang-Up

Tim Fishlock's portfolio of characteristically colourful and punchy works continues to expand as he raises the bar higher every time. The artist had an exciting 2018, producing an array of new works that found homes in collections worldwide. He even had the honour of two of his works being selected (by Grayson Perry!) for the RA Summer Exhibition.

A gallery shot from 'Repeat After Me'

Tim playing with his piece 'The Future Leaks Out' at Hang-Ten

Big things are on the horizon for Tim Fishlock. There will be more information on the artist's second solo show at Hang-Up coming soon. Watch this space and follow our social media accounts for exciting announcements, competitions and more.

To browse through the artist's work be sure to check his catalogue.

As always, thanks for reading this week's news.

Love, the Hang-Up Team x

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