What better way to celebrate the British summer than to have a summer exhibition?   Throughout the sunny seasons, Hang-Up will be rotating the gallery walls with fresh new works from their hottest featured artists as well as highly sought after pieces from the world's leading creators.   Expect to see brand new collections from our top featured artists such as Joe Webb, The Connor Brothers, Mark Powell, Oddly Head, Lauren Baker, Bonnie & Clyde, Johnathan Reiner and Dave White alongside rare and collectable works by Banksy, Harland Miller, Invader, Takashi Murakami and many more!   The exhibition will continue to evolve as new works arrive at Hang-Up, bringing you something fresh and original as the months roll by. Don't miss your chance to see what they have in store - there is something for all!  



Banksy Banksy

Banksy was the first UK graffiti artist to successfully straddle the divide between street and fine art. Having initially built his reputation on a series of high profile public stunts, such as installing his own painting into the Tate Museum, Banksy has become a worldwide phenomenon and the leader of the street art movement. He started making editioned prints in 2002 and created over 50 in an 8 year period. His wit, humour and message have connected with a large international audience and he has become one of the hottest and most important living contemporary artists in the world.  Originally from the UK, his identity has remained anonymous at all times and does not operate through the conventional gallery system, having no formal representation. All Banksy works sold through Hang-Up come with a COA. See our Banksy Guide and Banksy Editions Guide for more information.

Hang-Up Gallery Launch

Hang-Up Gallery Launch

KAWS, Harland Miller, The Connor Brothers, Banksy, Katherine Bernhardt, Nancy Fouts and many more

29 Nov – 29 Jan 2020

Hang-Up Collections Y19.02

Hang-Up Collections Y19.02

Harland Miller, Banksy, Tim Fishlock, Martin Creed, Jeff Koons, Lauren Baker, Bonnie and Clyde, Red Saunders and More!

23 Mar – 19 May 2019

Hang-Up Collections Y19.01

Hang-Up Collections Y19.01

Banksy, Harland Miller, Grayson Perry, Oddly Head, David Shrigley, Charming Baker and More

12 Jan – 13 Feb 2019



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