What Were They Thinking? Banksy Street Art Destroyed


A Banksy street work has been destroyed (pictured) by careless drilling for a cafe in Australia's art capital, Melbourne.

As you can see from the picture above, it seems almost unbelievable that the drillers didn't choose to drill just a little to the left or little to the right to avoid drilling through the middle of this artwork.

One can only guess that they were unaware it was street art by the world's most successful and celebrate street artist Banksy.

And, given that they would have had to gain a permit from the council for this demolition, it is surprising the council didn't inform them about the street art - perhaps they were unaware it was a Banksy, too.

According to Melbourne's daily newspaper Herald Sun, this is the third Banksy to be destroyed in Melbourne in the past two years. Vandals damaged one in Fitzroy last August while (allegedly unaware) council workers painted over a Banksy in Hoiser Lane in April 2010.

Considering that Melbourne regards itself and is regarded worldwide as one of the world's great street art capitals, it certainly seems a surprise that more effort isn't put in to preserving (and not continually destroying) such work.


Banksy's Kissing Coppers Voted Artwork That Best Expresses British Identity

Banksy's bold street artwork of two kissing policemen, painted on the walls of a Brighton pub, has been voted the single best work of art that best expresses British identity as voted in a poll by 1,000 artists, according to the Independent.

Antony Gormley's 1998 sculpture Angel of the North, Lucian Freud's 1995 Benefits Supervisor Sleeping, Jamie Reid's God Save the Queen, Tracey Emin's My Bed and Damien Hirst's The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living all rated highly.

The poll was commissioned by The Other Art Fair, which kicks off on Thursday May 10 and runs for four days.


Banksy Art Work Sells For Five Times Estimated Price

A collection of 18 works by world-renown graffiti artist Banksy sold for more than £400,000 at Bonham's auction in London, including Girl and Balloon which fetched more than five times its pre-sale estimation of £15,000-£25,000, being bought for £73,250.

The image had been painted directly onto a cardboard backing of an Ikea frame and is signed and inscribed: For Mike, Thanks.

Another highlight was a stencil painting, Leopard and Barcode, which was bought from Banky's LA exhibition Existencilism and had never been offered at auction before. It's pre-sale estimation price was £60,000 - £80,000 and it sold for £75,650.

In a separate auction at Bonhams, a screenprint of a dollar sign by American pop artist Andy Warhol sold for £44,450.

The Banksy auction result confirm Alan Montgomery, Urban Art Specialist at Bonhams comment here that “Banksy’s popularity still goes from strength to strength, with the market for his work certainly following suit. We are excited to be offering this group of works, which includes some of his best known and most sought after images.

"It seems that the public just can’t get enough of him, and his continued anonymity, even following last year’s Oscar nomination, only adds to his enigma. Increased international interest means that he is no longer just collected in the UK, but now has a truly global following.”

View available signed, unsigned and limited editiion Banksy prints here.


Shepard Fairey To Produce Film Adaption of 1984

Street artist Shepard Fairey apparently played a crucial role in securing the film rights to George Orwell's seminal novel 1984 for Brian Grazer and Ron Howard's production company Imagine Entertainment, and Fairey may even be a producer on the film.

This new adaption of 1984 is still in its early days, reportedly the group are looking for screenwriters before they approach a studio for funding, according to one news outlet.

For those who have followed the street artist's work, this may not come as a surprise. Four years ago Fairey re-designed the  cover for Orwell's dystopian classic for Penguin (pictured) and Fairey's signature 'Obey' is even a nod to the famous novel.

The novel tells of a country run by a totalitarian government system called English Socialism, which keeps control of people's minds and actions through a complex surveillance system.

Fairey is no stranger to the world of film and TV. He appeared in Banky's documentary Exit Through The Giftshop and also recently made a cameo on The Simpsons playing a policeman posing as a street artist.




There's Something A Little Fishy About This New Banksy Street Art


Photos of a new Banksy street piece detailing a paper crane holding a goldfish have surfaced, possibly taken in London but more details to follow shortly.

This is the first street art we've seen by the infamous artist since December's spate of street work around London.

Of course, we did also tell you about Banksy's controversial Christmas piece, which appeared in the Walker Gallery in Liverpool, as well as the rise in market value of his work

Check back with us soon for more details on this elusive new piece.


Banksy's Popularity Still On The Rise

Banksy's stencil painting Leopard and Barcode (above) is estimated to fetch between £60,000 - £80,000 or more when it is auctioned for the first time at Bonham's Urban Art Sale on 29 March.

In a limited edition of just five, the signed Leopard and Barcode was acquired by its current owner direct from an exhibition titled Existencilism in LA.

The Leopard and Barcode is just one of seventeen Banksy works to be auctioned at the Urban Art Sale, including several originals including Girl and Balloon, Bomb Hugger, Love Is In The Air, Kate Moss and more.

Many in the art-world forecast that the sale will bring even more success to Banksy, whose work shows no signs of losing popularity among art collectors.

Alan Montgomery, Urban Art Specialist at Bonhams, says: “Banksy’s popularity still goes from strength to strength, with the market for his work certainly following suit. We are excited to be offering this group of works, which includes some of his best known and most sought after images.

"It seems that the public just can’t get enough of him, and his continued anonymity, even following last year’s Oscar nomination, only adds to his enigma. Increased international interest means that he is no longer just collected in the UK, but now has a truly global following.”  

 To view the Banksy originals and signed and unsigned limited edition prints, click here.


Banksy Commits Cardinal Sin With New Work

Notorious street artist Banksy has once against sparked controversy with his latest piece, a vandalised bust of a priest entitled 'Cardinal Sin' which has been unveiled in - and loaned indefinitely to - the Walker Gallery in Liverpool.

The bust's face has been sawed off and replaced with blank tiles, similar to how a criminal's face is blocked out on television or in the newspapers. The piece is said to be in response to the child abuse scandal and subsequent cover-up in the Catholic church.

"I'm never sure who deserves to be put on a pedestal or crushed under one," Banksy said in an accompanying statement. "The statue? I guess you could call it a Christmas present. At this time of year it's easy to forget the true meaning of Christianity - the lies, the corruption, the abuse."

The director of art galleries at National Museums Liverpool Reyahn King said Banksy approached the gallery and specified that his sculpture be shown alongside the gallery's period collection such as an alterpiece painted for the Archbishop of Saville by the Spanish artist Murillo in 1673 and Rubens' painting The Virgin and Child with St Elizabeth and the Child Baptist.

There's no doubt Banksy's 'Cardinal Sin' will anger members of the Catholic Church, but what do you think about the world's most notorious street artist's new gallery work?


To see Banksy's latest street art, click here.

To enter our competition to win a Banksy worth £2000, click here. 


New Banksy street art

New Banksy street art that has appeared around the UK over the last two months.










Xmas Art Market Party Round-Up

Big props to everyone who came down to the Village Underground Christmas Art Market on Sunday to drink mulled wine, eat mince pies, check out the live street art jam and say a big hello to us.

We had a ball meeting you all, and are rapt that we had such an overwhelming response to our grand Xmas Banksy competition in just one day! The competition is still on for another two weeks with the winner being drawn on Monday December 19. If you haven't entered yet, you're missing out on the chance to win an original Banksy worth £2000.

If you couldn't make it, here's what you missed out on...







Celebrate The Silly Season With Us


Come celebrate the silly season with us at the Christmas Art Market and Live Street Art Jam at Village Underground in Shoreditch this Sunday December 4, from midday till late.

While the mulled wine flows and the beats are pumping, we’ll be selling limited edition and signed prints by Harland Miller, Sir Peter Blake, Rosie Emerson, Mr Jago, Jamie Reid, Faile, JR, Dolk, Greg Gossell, Ericailcane, Prefab 77, Alex Daw, Ben Allen, Stefan Strumbel, Russell Marshall and much, much more. 

We’ll also be launching our super massive Christmas giveaway of an original limited edition Bansky screenprint worth £2000. The winner of this exceptional prize will be the one who comes closest to guessing how many Montana spray paint nozzles courtesy of Jacksons Art Supplies are in a big green mystery bottle, which will be on display at the Art Market – as will the Banksy prize.

This will be your only chance to see the mystery bottle in person and – as seeing the bottle in person may help with guessing the amount of nozzles more accurately – we definitely recommend you popping down. There'll be more news on the competition to follow tomorrow.

The Art Market will also feature a Live Art Jam where artists Sheone, Will Barras, Toasters, Mr Jago and Pure Evil will do live painting on a wall-sized panel, which will them be broken into 50cm sq tiles and sold on the day.

Other market-stall holders selling Christmas goodies, such as prints, sketches, models, clothes and illustrations, include Scrawl Collective, Moniker, Black Rat Press, Nelly Duff, Nobrow, Beach London, Supreme Being, Village Underground and Hit And Run, who will be screen printing on clothes (so bring an item to be printed on along).

Village Underground is at 54 Holywell Lane, Shoreditch EC2A 3PQ.


We hope to see you there.

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