Vic Lee Gives Brompton Bikes A Makeover

Best known for his stunning intricate drawings of iconic London places and areas, Vic Lee has now teamed up with Brompton Bikes to design and create a limited run of sleek gloss black bikes featuring Vic's London motifs.

"I initially worked with Brompton on a one-off, hand-drawn design for the prize bikes for the 2011 Brompton World Championship," Vic said on the collaboration. "These got a lot of attention so we started to investigate if there was any way we could do something similar or slightly large scale. I have been creating this style of London-inspired schemes for a couple of years now; it is great to see this translated into the London Brompton."

Along with the artwork on the main and front frames, the bike comes fitted with a limited-edition vinyl graphic on the flap of the accompany S Bag, also designed by Vic. The bike design has been further enhanced by the use of black mudguards and leather Brooks grips and B17 saddle, both also black.

The bikes will be supplied with a numbered certificate of authenticity along with a limited edition Vi Lee print. There'll only be 500 London Bromptons supplied with the vinyl graphic flaps and prints available.

The bike will be available through selected Brompton dealers from February and will retail at £1475

You can view more of Vic Lee's prints and artwork here.


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